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Facts: Siberian Cedar nut oil

The Siberian Cedar tree is also known as Siberian cedar pine or Pinus sibirica. Although this majestic tree is associated with the pine family – its healing properties and other characteristics are very unique.

Siberian Cedar nuts

The nuts that come from the Siberian Cedar tree are considered a Siberian superfood. They are so versatile and useful that every part of them is used for human health and lifestyle purposes. Anyone who has tasted a siberian cedar nut will be able to tell you how extraordinary and unmistakeable the flavour is. Many people would never guess that this humble cedar nut has so many beneficial uses including its high nutritional value, comprehensive health benefits, cosmetic uses and even medicinal properties.

Health benefits

The Siberian cedar nut is a perfectly balanced protein, 99% of which is absorbed by the human body. It contains 17 amino acids, almost all of which are essential. This food is a real find for vegetarians, anyone seeking to gain muscle mass, as well as for children because it is the ideal natural composition of proteins to help efficiently replenish energy for a growing body.

Siberian cedar nuts are rich in vitamins, including almost all groups – A, B, C, D, E, P. The biological value of vitamins B1 and E as well as antioxidants, which inhibit cell ageing, are especially high. The trace element composition includes phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, copper, iodine, sulfur, silicon, cobalt, silver. Even the amniotic film of the nucleus contains valuable substances in a concentrated and easily digestible form.

One hundred grams of cedar nut kernels provide the full daily requirement for an adults organism for most vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Their regular use also increases the body’s resistance to many diseases. Being a natural product, Siberian cedar nuts have no contraindications, both for food and for therapeutic or prophylactic purpose, except for when allergies and individual intolerance to Siberian cedar nuts are observed.

Siberian cedar nut oil

From the very heart of the Siberian taiga,  cedar nut oil, prepared according to a technology that has been carefully preserved in the taiga villages, the same one mentioned in old books – is made by hand on wooden presses. Our great-grandfathers called cedar oil a remedy for a hundred diseases – today its healing properties are recognised not only by folk medicine, but also by modern medicine and the world cosmetics and culinary industries both highly appreciate its value.

“It treats any disease, you don’t need to make a diagnosis. It can be consumed as a food product, adding to salads. Maybe a spoon a day. Better at sunrise. Can be during the day. In daylight, not at night. That’s the main thing.” – said Anastasia in the book “Ringing Cedars of Russia” by Vladimir Megre

Originally from Siberia

The most important thing in the manufacturing process is to preserve the healing energy that the Siberian cedar is famous for, which means that everything in the process should be done slowly, in accordance with the way described by Vladimir Megre from the words of Anastasia and her grandfather in the books. The cones are collected by hand, whilst the nuts are removed one by one by hand, then squeezed out on wooden equipment that is made according to old drawings and the final product (the oil) is then bottled by hand.

Healing vitamins and energy of cedar oil

Cedar oleoresin oil is a natural concentrate of vitamin E, the most valuable antioxidant, as well as 14 amino acids, most of which are essential and are not synthesized by the body, but are absorbed only from food. Vitamins and microelements are of particular value, there are about 35 of them in cedar oil and all of them are 100% accepted by the body.

You may also experience the following benefits when consuming Siberian cedar nut oil:

  • Reduction of oxidative stress and the effects of free radicals
  • Prebiotic effects and aiding in digestion
  • Reduction of body inflammation
  • Strengthening of the immune system


Where is Siberian cedar nut oil used?

Health supplement for prevention and treatmentTake 1-2 teaspoons of cedar nut oil 20-30 minutes before meals, continuously for a month. The oil gently stimulates the immune system, restores strength, relieves fatigue, improves overall tone and resistance to colds and viruses, evens out the composition of the blood, and helps with diseases and skin damage.

Healthy alternative to other oils  – it can be used in the preparation of food. Siberian cedar nut oil adds subtle refined notes and a lot of useful substances to any dish. It can be used on salads, cereals, mushrooms or potatoes, drizzled over pancakes or as a dressing for main courses. Always remember, raw-pressed oils should not be exposed to high temperatures

Enrichment of cosmetics –  The oil is added to ready-made face and body creams, shampoos and hair masks, or is an ingredient in their preparation at home. It softens the skin, making it more elastic, retains natural moisture, relieves inflammation and heals wounds. Cedar oil is also a natural filter against ultraviolet radiation and other harmful factors.

Oil proceduresUse cedar nut oil to massage your face, lubricate dry and problem areas of the skin, or add to the bath. You don’t need a moisturiser.

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