The formation of the company “Megre”

“It was during the readers’ conference in Gelenzhik when everything changed. Vladimir Nikolayevich had invited me, Polina and our daughter Nina to the readers’ conference of The Ringing Cedars of Russia.

The event was in late 1998. Prior to that, you would have found me in another business with very little knowledge about the works of Vladimir Megre. I was curious and I had a determination to know more about it as I had not come across such material in my life before. The conference added a burning desire in me to read the books and it was only, but a starting point in turning my fate.

After the successful event, I spent three weeks more with the writer after which I returned home with my family. It was then that I got the first book of the series, Anastasia which I read smoothly. Reading this book somehow brought about a chain reaction which led me to reading two more books. The Ringing Cedars of Russia and then The Space of Love. This was the true turning point in my life. I will never forget that moment.

Journeying into the Taiga

Within my circle of friends, I found a man who had worked as a huntsman in the taiga for a long time. My sincere intrigue persuaded him to show me the taiga and the places where the cedar trees grew. It is a true sanctuary for cedar trees.

Thanks to his knowledge and experience, I was able to locate where the ideal location was to harvest cedar cones.

This place is about 100 KMs from Novosibirsk. We reached there in about four hours of movement along the field road. What could bring me here? I wonder… though, there was an impression that somebody took my hand and led me here.

Hello There!

It’s worth mentioning here that the year I spoke about (1998) was not a good year for the crops. We didn’t find any cedar cones. However, in the journey, we met many wonderful people with whom we are working today. I have to admit, I was totally impressed by the cleanliness of many regions of the taiga. I still vividly remember the experience; the fresh air, the sacred chastity of the taiga and the simplicity of the wonderful people.

It was here that I firmly decided to return once more. I also thought that this place would be an ideal location to start the production process.
And Yes… I returned later. Having no experience in this business, I understood I’d have to start everything from the very beginning. Having a desire to go further, a woman living not far helped me rent a building. In the city, I bought a machine for cedar nut processing and recruited some women to help. That is how the whole process began. The first product of our company was a cedar cone in a special box with an instruction manual on how to plant it.

Moving to the Countryside

For quite some time, I brought ready nut kernel to the city where the second part of the production, i.e. processing, bottling and packing took place. I was always thinking of moving the whole manufacturing process to the countryside; closer to the taiga. So, finally in 2003, I bought a tumbledown building and a piece of land. I totally restored it, bought the necessary equipment and ordered a special press.

As time went by, we expanded the assortment and made the production cycle totally waste-less. Now we can say for sure that we have a unique, ecologically clean production.

Our Humble Thanks

We receive a lot of letters with the thanks and gratitude for the products we’ve made all these years. I would like to thank you for the warm words which mean more to us than any diploma or award(s) combined. The genuine sincerity, humaneness and positive spirit are the basis of the future we create together with you!”

Yours truly,
Sergey Megre