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A Gift For Your Mother

Gift ideas for your Mama on Mother’s Day. Motherhood is a life changing role that can determine the direction of a child’s life. From conception to breastfeeding, the mother’s role in our life is one of the first and most important connections to our world. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with your Mama, if you are able to. If you are celebrating Mother’s Day this year, here we have a few gift ideas.


Ringing Cedars. Maigret

We guarantee that such sweets will certainly leave a pleasant impression, because the combination of chocolate and cedar nuts are rare. The big advantage of our sweets is that they do not contain unhealthy white sugar, and the chocolate used in their production is dark Belgian. A classic gift option is chocolate with cedar cake . But there is also chocolate with additives: with pepper, with flax seeds, with lingonberries or cranberries. For lovers of non-standard taste sensations, we recommend cedar marzipan or cedar bonbons. Delicate marzipan candies are made from almond flour with the addition of ground cedar cake. In addition to the classic version, there is marzipan with pumpkin, carrots or blackberries. Soft cedar bonbons are presented in several versions: with the addition of cashews or almonds along with taiga berries. If it’s difficult to decide, choose ASSORTED cedar bon bons “MEGRE” or ASSORTED cedar marzipan “MEGRE” : there will be two pieces of each type of candy in compact, beautiful packages.



The elixir will solve many women’s problems that may cause concern. The Elixir is based on cedar oil, which, when taken, significantly improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Mumiyo, the extract of which is added to the Elixir, has long been famous for its rejuvenating effect and benefits for reproductive health. Taking the Elixir with mumiyo generally promotes antibacterial, antiviral and anti-stress effects. You can take it in courses or regularly for general strengthening of the body.


Double pressed cedar oil, 100 ml

Uses for cedar oil make up a long list – but the benefits of second press cedar oil are less well known. For a mother, it is important to use natural cosmetics that do not cover her in harmful chemicals. This is where second press cedar oil has its time to shine.

It is perfect as a care product for both the face and body. You can safely apply pure, undiluted oil even to the skin around the eyes – it does not cause allergies. Cedar oil is quickly  & perfectly absorbed. Thanks to the high concentration of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, the oil nourishes the skin, makes it firmer and more elastic, maintains tone, and relieves dryness and irritation. It can also be used as a hair mask. In this case, it can be applied either pure to the hair roots, or mixed with an existing product (shampoo or balm). With constant use, the hair becomes stronger, a healthy shine and silkiness appears, and the problem of hair loss ceases to bother you.

Many people have shared their additional uses for this oil – such as it helps with stretch marks during pregnancy or strengthens gums after teeth brushing . There are many ideas, but they are united by excellent efficiency – it is like a one stop shop that is the perfect gift for a busy mother who would like to keep their lifestyle closer to nature.

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