Our Mission: Caring for the Forest

Appreciating and rehabilitating our forest and plant life is crucial to our own wellbeing as well as the rest of the planet, not just on a physical level but on a spiritual level as well. Our inherent connection with nature goes back to the beginning of time, and continues to be a crucial part of our daily lives, from the air we breath to the food we consume.

It is important for everyone to become involved in strengthening our connection with nature, for the benefit of all who reside on this planet. This reaches to every area of our lives, from the way we personally live our lives to the way that businesses operate and produce products.

Consumer attitude in the forest

In the early 2000’s, entrepreneurs became interested in cedar oil and brigades of them began to arrive in the taiga. They collected cones using cruel methods and knocking them off with metal slabs. They didn’t care about the consequences and only cared about getting cones from the cedar trees. After they had taken all that they wanted and left, many of the cedar trees died. After a while, local residents asked Sergei Megre to take the taiga under his wing. Since our production had been in this location for a long time and that the foresters trusted us, the taiga was entrusted to us to care for it.

Since then, we have been taking care of it, cleaning it of debris, protecting it from fires, looking for bark beetles and calling specialists from forestry. However, our main goal is that we protect it from poachers and their consumer attitude.

Caring for our own piece of Taiga forest

Since the year 2006, we have been caring for a piece of our very own Taiga forest that has been entrusted to us by the state for 50 years. The total piece of land comprises of 127 hectares of forest and was an idea initiated by local residents in the area. It was not an easy undertaking, but over time we have developed a deeper understanding of our relations with the taiga forest. It is now a source of great pride for us and is one of the secrets to keeping the living cedar energy in our products.

We do not build fences and obstacles, this taiga is still part of the life of the village people. They also help us keep order. We often bring guests here from all over Russia and from other countries as part of our tours and teach them to take care of the taiga.

To be honest, for us, this decision has become a challenge and a great responsibility to the state and local residents, because it is much easier to come to no one’s forest. But at the same time, it has become a point of growth, reaching a qualitatively new level of both relationships with nature and the energy of our cedar products.

Growing Cedar Trees

Our planet is in desperate need of greenery. We actively participate and encourage others and organize campaigns to grow cedars.

The first product we released in 1998 was a seed cone in a box with growing instructions for the siberian cedar seed. Now in our store, you can buy seeds from the age-old cedar and plant them anywhere in the world.

In the Cedar House, there is a small cedar “kindergarten”, where our employees germinate nuts and nurse small cedars for up to 2-3 years until they get stronger. In 2021, the Anastasia Foundation of Vladimir Megre launched a campaign, within which they decided to plant a million cedars, giving cedar seedlings to everyone who wished for it.

How you can care for the forests too

  • participating in tree planting programs that rehabilitate forests in your area
  • educating yourself on which plants and trees are indigenous to your country
  • planting trees and plants that are indigenous to your area
  • sharing information with friends and family
  • sharing information on social media
  • supporting businesses that have eco-friendly and forest friendly practises
  • paying careful attention to the trees and plants around you
  • paying careful attention to the trees and plants in the forest that you go to visit
  • appreciating and enjoying our precious forest with care and consideration



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