Nina Megre’s 10 Favourite Products

My name is Nina Megre. I’m a grand-daughter of the famous writer Vladimir Megre and a founder of the megrellc.com web-store. 

It was very hard to select only 10 of my favourite products, because I use and love all of them. So, I tried to focus on items I use daily right now, and explain what exactly I do with them.

1. Megre Elixir

I understood that many of you guys don’t know what it is. You can read about the Elixir here. I am so proud of my father Sergey who invented this product. He is the first, and the only one, who produces the Elixir, this is the reason we call it Megre Elixir.

This product is multifunctional. Just a few reasons I use it:

– To get rid of radionuclides during flights. I have to fly quite often, so I always take Elixir on board and take one push every hour of flight. It also helps me to avoid getting lagged. 

– When the weather is cold or when someone from my friends/relatives/colleagues are sick, and I don’t want to get the flu. Take one push 5-7 times a day.

– When I get food poisoned I take 5 pushes of the Elixir, because it is a very strong antiseptic.

– I also do a one month course every 6 months to give a boost to my immunity.

Note: This product is very strong and you shouldn’t use it before you prepare your body for it, if you have a lot of toxins. I recommend using Cedar nut oil with Megre Elixir for one month before trying it.

 2. Anasta SPA

I just LOVE this one! I use it 1-2 times a week in the shower or in the bath, depending on the amount of spare time I have. Believe me, there is no need to apply cream on your body if you use Anasta. You will get rid of redness and small pimples on your body within 2-3 applications.

3. Pillow with cedar shavings 

My favourite pillow right now. I have two of them.

The first one I use when I work on the computer,  or when I read, lying my back on the wall. So the pillow is located between my back and the wall. 

The other one is my regular sleeping pillow. It is ideal for side-sleepers, as it keeps your head high enough. When I started to use a cedar pillow, my back pain was gone.

4. Anti-age cream

Yes, I know that I don’t need to use anti-age cosmetics right now. But this cream is fully natural. I still don’t know why, but this cream works perfectly for my skin. I apply it one hour before sleep after I wash my face with face and body cedar soap. The best way to use it is to apply a very little of the cream on wet skin. Preferably, with a face massage.

As a result, I have clean and healthy skin without makeup.

5. Megre perfume #109 

My favourite perfume within the entire collection. When I am wearing it, everyone is asking what is the amazing fragrance on me.

6. Cream-balm with chaga

This one I use in case of emergency. Funny fact: this cream was developed for body massage, but I use it for pimples.

One day, my nutritionist told me that she really likes how our cream with chaga works on rednesses. I had a red pimple on my nose, so I decided to test the cream and apply it on the pimple a few hours before sleep. When I woke up, I was shocked. My pimple just disappeared. Then I tested it on three friends of mine and they had the same effect. 

Now I always have one cream in my bathroom in case of «unexpected friends».

7. Handmade cedar nut oil

I take one sip (right from the bottle) every morning before breakfast. Sometimes, when I feel tired or overworked I take it to the office and take 4-6 sips during the day. I have noticed an effect on my skin, my hair, nails and most importantly – on my energy levels. I literally can’t imagine my life without it!

8. Cedar Toothpaste and 9. Cedar Toothpaste with Nut Shell

Both toothpastes are my favourite at the moment. The one with shell powder has a sweet taste and good whitening effect – I use it in the morning to shine bright like a diamond 🙂 Cedar toothpaste has a brown colour and works well with my gums. As a part of my morning routine, I brush my teeth, I put some of it  on my gums and keep it while washing my face.

10. Face and body cedar soap 

I used to use fashion tonics and foams to clean my face. But my skin was not perfect at all. Moreover, I think it became worse when I stopped using the above cleansers. I think it’s because of the ingredients that are addictive to the skin. 

Now I use cedar soap only to wash my face, hands, body and my skin, and I am thankful for these gifts of nature every single day.