Cedar nut Oil Handmade, 250 ml. Buy Online — MegreLLCCedar nut Oil Handmade, 250 ml. Buy Online — MegreLLC
Масло кедровое 250 мл ручной работы

Cedar nut Oil Handmade, 250 ml.

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Handmade, 250 ml.

“…From 1998 until Cedar House creation, I worried about obtaining medicinal oils, such as Anastasia’s grandpa gave to Vladimir Megre. Every time changing technology I always passed a sample of the oil to Vladimir Megre, and asked –“ Is this it” ?And received the same answers: – “Similar but”…

And now, the dream of creating a Cedar House come true, a response was received.

Handmade only, from hulling cones to obtaining kernel, without washing, leaving the natural “cedar pollen” in the nucleoli, gave the following result.

The whole process of oil preparation occurs only in a Cedar House, and only on equipment made of wood, allowing the product to breathe.

The most important thing in the Cedar oil obtaining is the correct preparation of the nucleolus. The extraction and production of oil – it is the last stage.

Oil from Soul to Soul…”

Sergey Megre

Recommendations for use:

1-2 teaspoons (dissolving) 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Shake well before using. The duration of the course is 30 days. 2-3 courses are needed for better results.
The harvest place of cedar cones:
1) Bazoy (rural locality) (Tomsk oblast, Kozhevnikovsky district);
2) Kandaurovo (rural locality) (Novosibirsk region, Kolyvansky district).


In order to protect the product from forgery, under the label enclosed half of the 10-ruble banknote with the state number.

To verify the authenticity of the oil, contact us: 8 (383) 2911370 and tell this number.

If your number exists, Your oil is authentic.

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions3 x 3 x 23 cm

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