Cedar Cream Balm Massage, with Polypore, 30 ml Buy Online — MegreLLCCedar Cream Balm Massage, with Polypore, 30 ml Buy Online — MegreLLC
Крем-бальзам массажный с чагой
Крем-бальзам массажный с чагой бут

Cedar Cream Balm Massage, with Polypore, 30 ml


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Massage, with Polypore, 30 ml

The cream-balm is intended for skin care to reduce pain during the massage or tasks with high physical activity.

The cream-balsam is based on oleoresin cedar, beeswax, polypore extract, mummy, propolis and a composition of oils: pine nut, sea buckthorn, wheat germ, grape seed and grapefruit. The carefully selected composition provides nourishment to the cells of the epidermis of biologically active substances that enhances skin barrier function, accelerate the healing process when the various traumatic injuries of the skin, restoring fabrics after home and leisure injuries, prevention of the development of hematomas and swelling.

Massage Cream Balm is effective in the treatment of posttraumatic conditions (bruises, sprains, inflammation in the muscles), increased or decreased muscle tone and dry skin.

Recommendations for use: apply the cream to the skin in a thin layer and rub with light massage movements during 2-3 minutes 2 times a day. If necessary, repeat the course.

Side effects after application, including allergic reactions, were not identified.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of individual components of the cream balm.
30 ml.

Shelf life: 12 months.

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