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Sergey Megre’s Top 5 Favourite Products

In 1998, Sergey Megre created the first production of cedar nut oil. Now our production is located 100 km from Novosibirsk, just a few steps from the Siberian Taiga forest, and our cedar cones even have their own house, made completely of cedar wood.

Sergey invents every product himself and tests everything on himself. He drives the whole team crazy with his crazy ideas. We argue, we say that it might be unprofitable, we make charts. And Sergey just builds a house for cones, makes a perfume from cedar, builds a Russian traditional oven, and draws a picture with cows on the wall just as a beautiful decoration. And now we, without thinking, already eat bread, admire the picture and smell of Taiga.

We asked Sergey to share five products that he uses every day right now. He could of course make a list of fifty, but this time we stopped him 🙂

1. Cedar nut oil with cedar resin 10%

Lately I’ve been taking/drinking cedar nut oil with resin very often – to boost my immunity. We opened a new store in Novosibirsk and a new production line, I want to try and make and launch so many interesting products – there is simply no time to get sick. I drink the oil 3 times a day, straight from the bottle. Sometimes I forget and drink it just 2 times. I even have it with me in the car.

2. Cedar Soap-Shampoo

I must say that we actually began to produce soap for ourselves, for our family. I wanted one soap to wash hands and body, one for shaving, one as a scrub to remove old skin, and, of course one as shampoo. I love this soap so much that even agreed to participate in a shooting with it. The girls laugh that I wash my head over the sink, but it actually seems very convenient to me. Don’t all men do this? Be honest!

3. Pillow filled with Cedar nut kernel

I’ve been sleeping on such pillow for 10 years already. The one that I have is already trampled down and old, but I love it so much. Sleeping on my stomach or on my back is perfect for me. And that wonderful smell… helps you falling asleep quickly.

If I want to make a gift for someone, I always choose a pillow. I recently decided to make beautiful boxes for these pillows, so that it would be more pleasant to give as a present.

4. Cedar pendant

Everyone who knows me personally and saw my pendant is surprised. It is brown, shimmers, with a beautiful pattern. That’s because I have been wearing it for several years now. And this is my third pendant already.

The first one I wore for about 23 years and passed it on to my youngest daughter Masha when she went to China to practice the language alone for the whole summer. So that a part of home would always be with her and that my energy would nourish her. I liked that idea so much that I wore the next pendant and I already knew that I was wearing it for my other daughter, Nina. I also handed it to her later.

5. Elixir 30 ml.

I cannot help including it in my list. I probably already told a hundred times about it, how the idea came to produce the Elixir. How Sergey (our oil maker) and I spent the whole night at the manufacture pressing cedar cone and how happy we were to witness the first greenish drops. Also how we conducted the first study/research with Natalia Svechnikova. How I asked doctors to administer it intravenously to me for testing. It’s a pity they did not agree and did not allow it.

Elixir is such a living product! And we keep on studying it. Me – with my own sensation, and doctors – in their research. We recently got a research report that Elixir helps in the treatment of opistarchosis.

Since the product is very special and unique, you can’t just put it on the shelves – it needs a comment. Therefore, I decided to create a separate line for it. Here it is.

I wish you all happiness!