Siberian Cleansing & Animal Products

Consuming animal products and coffee during Siberian Cleansing. Our nutritionist answers your important questions and this week we discuss whether or not to consume dairy, eggs and coffee whilst doing a Siberian Cleanse. To learn more about this topic, read below:

Siberian Cleansing & Animal Products

Question: Can you please tell me if you can or cannot use milk, eggs, coffee during Siberian cleansing? Or would the best effect be to eat only plant foods?

Answer: During the Siberian cleanse it is advisable not to drink coffee and chocolate – they can spasm the bile ducts and intestines. It is important to exclude all confectionery products so as not to support the growth of pathogenic and fungal microflora. Dairy products, especially cheese and cottage cheese, contain a lot of calcium ions, which tones, reduces the smooth muscle cells of the bile ducts, blood vessels and intestines. Therefore, they are also recommended to be excluded for the period of cleaning. Eggs can be limitedly consumed in combination with cabbage or carrot salads, beets with garlic.

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