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Polina Megre’s Top 5 Favourite Products

We asked Polina Megre to share her favorite products because it is thanks to her that these products are actually available.

Back in 1997, Polina was the first of the family to read the books of her father Vladimir, at that time there were only two of them written. Polina was inspired by them herself and was able to breathe a new life into her husband Sergey. This breath was so strong, that it turned their life 180 degrees. It was the first step towards creating an amazing production – Megre Cedar House.

  1. Cedar resin chewing gum

This is not chewing gum in the classic sense, it is a small piece of resin (also known as SAP). Do you know what resin is? Have you ever seen tar run down a tree? So, this tar is the resin. It is considered as a very strong natural antiseptic. You need to put the gum in your mouth, hold it for a while to become softer and then chew.

I used to chew it when my throat or gums hurt, but now I always chew it or just keep it in my mouth when I go to public places. Such an antiseptic in the mouth 🙂

2. Nose skincare oil «MEGRE»

This is our new product, just in time. I use it for the same purpose as chewing gum – to protect against infection (the gum is not stuck in the nose, but there is also a mucosa that needs to be protected). I oil my nose before getting out of the car. Very convenient packaging, with a dispenser.

3. Cedar nut oil, 250 ml

I always take it with me in the car, at least 3 times a day I make a sip. For the immune system, for female beauty, the right fats are very important.

4. Megre Elixir, 30 ml

Like cedar oil, it’s always in my car or in my bag. I take it before eating myself and everyone who is with me at this moment – my husband, children, even my mum.

My mum, by the way, had an interesting story. Doctors found some kind of growth or polyp on her ear, and they said we should cut it out under anesthesia. At her age, anesthesia is dangerous, and I asked her to try my method. If it doesn’t work, we’ll remove it surgically, but if it does, it’ll be fine. In General, she began to take the elixir several times a day and put it on the ear too. What do you think? My mother was in shock (me too, to be quite honest), but this thing oh her ear went without surgery! Now she always agrees to take elixir and oil, she didn’t before 🙂

5. Perfume #109

Oooh, cedar perfume is a separate story. You would know how much Sergey wanted to create it because it was written about perfume in the fourth book of my father Vladimir Megre – «Co-Creation»:

“- Cedar can yield many other unusual things, too.”

“- What kind of unusual things?”

“- You can make the most marvelous perfume from cedar essential oil. A long-lasting perfume with healing properties. The fragrance is unrivaled by any other artificial perfume. The cedar essence represents the spirit of the Universe. It can heal the flesh and protect from evil.”

When Sergey was looking for specialists who can create the perfect perfume, everyone around was grinning. They say: “You are there in Novosibirsk and want to work with the best perfumers in France or Japan? Well, well, good luck.”

And when the first samples of fragrances came from France, then Sergey chose the bottles and showed me the approved design with burning eyes. Here we are on vacation in Thailand looking for a red dress, a videographer and a place to record a promo video. Uh, this story generally deserves a separate post 🙂

Of the four scents, one is made entirely from our cedar – Co-Creation, and three others are made in conjunction with French perfumers. That is, just our cedar and its various ingredients. My favorite is #109.