Healthy Recipes

Cheese Skewers

A recipe idea for those of you who enjoy barbecue but would prefer to put meatless options on the grill.


brined cheese (suluguni, Circassian cheese or other soft cheese) – 500 g

cedar oil – 70 ml

salt – to taste

garlic – 3 cloves

dried herbs – to taste

zucchini, tomatoes, peppers – optional


      1. Cut the cheese (and vegetables, if using) into large cubes.
      2. In a deep plate, combine oil, dried herbs, salt and squeezed garlic. 
      3. Dip each piece of cheese in oil with garlic and herbs.
      4. String on skewers with the vegetables or put on a wire rack.
      5. Cook on the grill just like any other skewers, but be careful as they cook quickly – 5-7 minutes.
      6. Enjoy your dinner!