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Pregnancy is a magical period in the life of every woman who is blessed enough to experience it. A real miracle is about to happen – the birth of a baby. Or babies. But at such a crucial moment in life, important questions often come up: what vitamins to choose to keep your body in good shape? How to manage cravings without eating harmful processed foods? We share some tips for expecting mothers:


A favourite of those focusing on a natural pregnancy. Raw cold – pressed cedar oil fifteen minutes before breakfast helps to settle the stomach in cases of nausea or waking up hungry during pregnancy. The rich vitamin complex of the oil will keep your immune system in good shape as well. Our oil is very easy to drink, and also gives additional strength and vigour, which is important if you have problems with sleeping during pregnancy. Here is a review from one of our clients:

“My sister and I have always only tasted Megre Cedar Oil, until she fell pregnant and we couldn’t get Megre Cedar Oil in time to help with her nausea. So we went to our local store and bought the local Siberian cedar oil that was sold in the health shop. It was a complete shock to find out that it tasted completely different. It has the flavour of roasted nuts, but not in a good way. My sister struggled to drink this siberian cedar oil in comparison to when she tasted Megre Cedar Oil. It helps a lot with hunger pangs in the morning and settles the stomach. The gentle flavour of Megre Cedar Oil is like no other oil, you can taste the difference immediately!”


It is the only cedar oil with additives that is allowed to be consumed during pregnancy. Others such as cedar oil with resin, mumiyo, ginger, elixir or propolis are not recommended during pregnancy. The properties of the sea-buckthorn enhance the properties of the Cedar Nut Oil.

It is a unique source of vitamins and minerals. Almost the whole periodic table (potassium, calcium, zinc, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, and more than 20 elements), vitamins B1, B2, C, E, K, niacin, beta-carotene, folic acid, and other organic acids can be found in the sea buckthorn plant.

Cedar Nut Oil enriched with sea-buckthorn enhances the healing powers of the body. It has antioxidant properties, rejuvenates the body, and improves the metabolism and cell renewal process due to the high concentration of vitamin E.


What about oil for the skin? Double-pressed cedar oil  is a pearl amongst cosmetic products. Why? It’s simple: it moisturises and softens the skin, making it more elastic and firm – which is important when our bodies are changing and the skin is stretching to accommodate our growing baby. That is not all – this oil is a natural ultraviolet filter, meaning you will have some protection from UV rays when in the sun.


An unexpected must have when it comes to adjusting to life as a pregnant woman! Many women who are or have been pregnant will tell you about the phenomenon of hunger that grips you at any moment – even if you have recently eaten a meal. If you have a busy schedule and need to run errands, it can be quite inconvenient to be gripped with a sudden wave of hunger, especially if you try not to grab the fast, easy or processed food that is close by.

This is where the magic of our bonbons and marzipan come to the rescue, not only are they the perfect alternative to processed sugary sweets or chocolates, but they are easy to carry in your bag and snack on if you get hungry. It is not like a normal sweet or chocolate bar, it contains cedar cake, which is high in protein and nutrients and keeps you satiated for longer than processed sugar. Some of the flavours contain taiga berries which adds additional nutrients and antioxidants.

Bonbons and marzipan also help to save you from sugar cravings – they are coated in delicious silky belgian chocolate that does not contain processed sugar and does not have a sickly sweet flavour.


What can you do that is pleasant for the soul? Before going to bed, you can relax with the book “ Anastasia ” by Vladimir Megre . The ideas contained in the book will help you get into a good mood before going to bed. The text itself contains combinations of letters and combinations of words that have a beneficial effect on the reader. Love for man, the world and the Universe is what is sorely lacking in our time. And we will be happy to give a piece of our love for you through the book so that you can give it to your baby.

We hope that this selection of products will find a response from you, because who other than expectant mothers knows how important it is to surround yourself with everything healthy and natural during pregnancy.

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