Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

“The day will come when all fathers understand that it is they who must

answer for the world in which their children live. The day will come when

each will understand that before bringing a beloved child into the world, the

world must be made happy.” – Co Creation, Vladimir Megre

Father’s Day is a wonderful occasion to express your gratitude and love to your father figure or the father of your children. In this article, we have collected useful gift ideas that will definitely come in handy in everyday life and will pleasantly surprise and delight.
Elixir MEGRE+ ginger root, 100 ml
An excellent gift choice for men’s health and a gift for father’s day. The elixir can replace many medications with complex compositions; it has a clear and effective composition (cedar oil – 80%, ginger extract – 15%, Siberian cedar cone oil – 5%). The elixir helps reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, which significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. MEGRE Elixir also increases libido, has anti-inflammatory properties and, in general, perfectly strengthens the immune system and protects the body from various infections and viruses.Dark chocolate "MEGRE" with cedar cake and flax seeds, 50 g
Almost everyone loves chocolate, and it always helps out if it’s difficult to decide on a gift. And healthy dark chocolate without added sugar will help even in cases where sweets are contraindicated for a man. Cedar cake contains a large amount of vitamins and micro elements and is known for its beneficial properties for the body for good reason. Flax seeds are rich in fibre, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which help improve health and overall well-being.
Delicate, velvety taste, moderate sweetness, spicy note due to the pepper in the composition. This is what MEGRE chocolate is like. Very refined and very tasty. Can be given as a gift complete with coffee (or tea). At your discretion.
Elixir MEGRE, 30 ml
MEGRE ELIXIR Taking care of their health is the best indicator of your love. Elixir is a pure, natural energy drink, a concentrate of vitamins and acids. When taken regularly, it harmonises all processes in the body, which increases the amount of strength and energy. There are no analogues of the Elixir in the world; such a gift is one in a million.
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