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Cedar Oil: With or Without Additives?

We are sure that you know as well as we do that cedar oil itself has a wide range of beneficial substances. And, if you have not previously taken cedar nut products for health, then we recommend starting with it, with pure cedar nut oil without additives.
Cedar oil, raw pressed, 250 ml
Raw cedar oil is a source of many micro elements, including magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine and others. Thanks to these elements, daily intake of cedar oil improves metabolism and has a positive effect on the formation of bone tissue. Among the vitamins that cedar oil contains, A, B1, B2, B3, D, E are especially active. Thanks to these vitamins, the growth and development of the body occurs at the right pace, and the immune system is strengthened. Pine nut oil is an amazing gift from nature, at least because it has an ideal ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, 6, 9 (1:2:1). This balance is especially important for the construction of cell membranes and the synthesis of hormones. We recommend taking 1-2 tsp of cedar nut oil as a regular addition to your daily diet. 3 times a day 15-20 minutes before meals. Raw cedar oil has no age restrictions; even small children can take it.
Cedar oil enriched with 10% resin is known for its pronounced bactericidal and immunomodulatory properties. Just in case, let us remind you that resin is the resin of coniferous trees, which is released on the trunk and branches. For more than a century, oleoresin has been used to improve the health of the body and for prevention. Cedar oil with 10% resin normalizes the functioning of the digestive system, restores the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract and, of course, has high cleansing properties. Therefore, it is cedar oil with 10% resin that is included in the course, which we called Siberian cleansing . During it, a complete cleansing of the body occurs at the cellular level, waste and toxins are removed. Cedar oil enriched with 5% resin contains a lower percentage of resin. If the taste of the oil is important to you, and you cannot stand the bitter taste at all, you can safely choose it as an alternative to oil with 10% resin. Cedar oil with 5% resin will have a slightly smoother effect, which in no way detracts from its benefits.
Cedar oil enriched with propolis, 100 ml
Cedar oil enriched with propolis has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect due to the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects of propolis. Propolis is generally an amazing thing. Along with resin, this is another gift from nature for our health. Propolis oil extract in an amount of 5% in cedar oil is enough to help the body fight viral and colds (for example, pneumonia or tuberculosis). Also, cedar oil with propolis has an antihistamine, that is, anti-allergic effect, protects liver cells from toxins, increases bone density, and is therefore recommended for use in cases of fractures. One of the beneficial properties of cedar oil with propolis that few people know about is its ability to lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is recommended to take propolis oil to improve well-being in diabetes mellitus.
Cedar oil enriched with sea buckthorn, 100 ml
It is worth noting that cedar oil enriched with sea buckthorn has the mildest taste compared to other oils with additives. By the way, this is why children and people with sensitive tastes especially like it. Sea buckthorn contains a huge amount of vitamins and micro elements (it even contains zinc and phosphorus). First of all, we recommend taking sea buckthorn oil for vitamin deficiency, both for treatment and for prevention. Cedar oil with sea buckthorn contains a high concentration of vitamin E and micro elements, which improve metabolism and stimulate cell renewal, which results in rejuvenation of the body. Sea buckthorn oil also shows itself well in its healing effect: it helps to heal cracks or ulcers not only on the skin, but also on internal organs.
When taking cedar oil, be sure to listen to your body’s reaction. If necessary, you can limit the dosage, and then, as the body gets used to it, resume the recommended intake.

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