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A cold always catches you by surprise, doesn’t it? You never expect it, and when suddenly it comes, you all of a sudden begin to remember all the possible ways to cope with it. At one of these moments for ourselves, we compiled a cheat sheet of cedar “medicines” that are easy to use and can help you fight off your cold quickly and maybe even with positivity because cedar is the strongest natural antiseptic and immunomodulator.

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil – During the period of a cold, it should be taken several times a day, every 2-3 hours, one teaspoon at a time. It envelops the throat and other inflamed tissues as well as reduces sensitivity and pain. But most importantly, the oil has anti-inflammatory properties and very gently, but persistently, rids the cells of pathogenic bacteria and nourishes and restores them.

MEGRE Elixir

MEGRE Elixir, a brilliant antiseptic and antimicrobial that supports the body whether there is a cold or not. It is pressed from cedar cones which have the highest content of resin. It is a highly concentrated resin extract developed by Sergei Megre. We recommend taking it along with Cedar Oil to begin with, or starting with Cedar Oil with MEGRE Elixir first as it is an incredibly powerful healing tool.

Resin Gum

Cedar resin gum [100% resin]  – destroys pathogenic flora, removes inflammation, it can be chewed without restrictions during the illness. For maximum effect, take resin with the addition of propolis, it enhances the antibacterial effect.

Cedar Syrup

Cedar Syrup , take it in a teaspoon several times a day in its pure form or add to tea or fruit drink. The syrup is prepared from spring needles and is saturated with ascorbic acid, esters and natural oils, an antiseptic known in folk medicine, helps eliminate viruses and improves the overall health of the body.

Candies & Cough Drops

Candies with Siberian cedar cone oil & Cough Drops  are natural oil candies that soften coughs of any origin due to the fact that they envelop the throat with an oil film, and the mucous membrane reacts less to irritants. They help well in the early stages of a cold, you can only recover with them.

Ivan Tea

Ivan-tea “Cedar” or Ivan Tea Lemon & Ginger . During the period of illness, it is important to drink a lot of warm, closer to hot, drinks. Ivan-tea with cone petals not only removes unnecessary substances from the body, but also relieves swelling, inflammation and restores a healthy tissue structure. Ivan-tea with Lemon & Ginger is a great source of nutrients – lemon & ginger hot drinks have long been used to treat colds and flu.

Cedar provides everything you need. If you have at least a few of these remedies on hand, a cold will become a quick and easy process, and also delicious! But better of course it is better to be healthy.

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