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TAIGA RECIPE: Acorn Latte with Cedar Syrup

Taiga Latte with Acorn Coffee & Cedar Syrup

There are some things that you never knew you had to have, until you try them for the first time. This acorn latte may just be one of them. Its nutty, sweet and coffee reminiscent flavour is enough to have you set aside your standard latte or favourite warm beverage, never mind the added deliciousness of the cedar syrup that transports you to the depths of the Taiga. This is like the forest in a warm cup of nourishing flavour – a wonderful chilly evening drink to have by the fire.

Health benefits of Acorn Coffee Latte

Acorn coffee is known to have an array of health benefits. The water that is left over from boiling acorns can be used to treat a variety of topical skin ailments – such as burns, cuts and rashes. The water has soothing healing properties when used in this manner.

Aside from its topical uses – the acorns themselves may provide an array of potential health benefits such as:

  • prevention of diabetes
  • improving heart health
  • improving digestive health
  • boosting energy levels


  • 2oz (more or less) of strong brewed acorn coffee
  • 8oz milk (you can use milk replacements for a dairy free option)
  • 2 oz cedar syrup (or less if you prefer a less sweet drink)


  • Firstly, heat and froth your milk. You can either use a specific milk frother or you can heat your milk in a saucepan and whisk it up until its frothed.
  • Pour your already brewed acorn coffee into a 16oz cup (make sure it is heat proof as the milk will be hot)
  • Add your cedar syrup to the cup of acorn coffee and stir until it has dissolved or combined with the liquid
  • Pour your hot frothed milk into your cup (of acorn coffee and cedar syrup) and spoon on some of the frothed milk on the top.
  • Drink while hot or warm
  • Enjoy!