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A Timeline Of Our History By Nina Megre

Discover the history of our production, written by Nina Megre:

A Timeline of Our History By Nina Megre

Hi all!

I am Nina Megre, granddaughter of Vladimir Megre, author of the books “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”. Everything you see on this site is the embodiment of the ideas and values ​​contained in the books. And I am happy to continue this tradition.

Megre is a mark of quality that unites dozens of family productions from kin domains and private homesteads. Our Megre family is one of these producers. We do not chase volume, we make a product for ourselves and our friends, for you.

I want to share with you the history of our production, now better known as Megre Cedar House.

Our History 1996 – 1997

1996 – Vladimir Megre’s first book, Anastasia, was been published. She became the starting point for everything. Thousands of letters of gratitude from readers arrived at our home. Then it became clear that the topic of environmentally friendly life raised in the book resonated and is very much needed by people.

1997 – My father Sergey Megre was inspired by the ideas of the books and began the journey of recreating the ancient Siberian tradition of making real cedar oil. First in Novosibirsk, at the Medicinal Products Plant, but very quickly it became clear that the same oil from the books can only be made in its native environment, in the taiga.

2000 – 2006

2000 – After the release of the third book, “The Space of Love,” kin domains began to appear, where people sought to create products with pure, good energy, without chemistry and industrial technologies. For the most part, these products are also created according to the restored traditions of their ancestors. Over time, there were many of them, and we decided to unite their efforts under a single sign “Ringing Cedars of Russia” .

2003 – Our cedar production moved to a taiga village . It is 100 kilometers from Novosibirsk, on the border of the Tomsk region. By the way, the first product that was released was not oil, but a cedar cone with instructions for planting, packed in a box.

This is still a small home production, where everything is done by hand or using wooden equipment. Villagers work here in a measured, relaxed and somehow family-like warmth.

2006 – We have our own taiga. The taiga quarter with an area of ​​127 hectares was entrusted to us by the state for a long-term lease. Despite the fact that it was not easy, this step revealed new cedar secrets to us and brought us to a new level of relationship with the taiga. Now we take care of part of the taiga, protect it from pests, protect it from hunters and fires. Here we collect cone and resin for oil and other products.

2011 – 2017

2011 – The Cedar House, or guest house, was built. So Dad embodied the idea that everyone who wants to get acquainted with the Siberian taiga could come here, feel this extraordinary energy and see in person how cedar oil is made according to ancient tradition. By that time, we had already restored this technology to the smallest detail.

2016 – The Cedar Elixir was born, which we later patented under the name MEGRE Elixir . It is unique in all its manifestations, there is definitely nothing like it in the world, either in terms of impact or effect. Many traditional medicine doctors wonder how it cures what was considered incurable. By the way, it was thanks to the appearance of the Elixir that it was possible to create the perfume that Anastasia spoke about in the books. It became the key to unraveling the composition.

2017 – The Big House was built. Before realizing this idea, Dad spent many years collecting knowledge about how the cedar cone was stored in the old days, how cedar energy was preserved, so that the oil, and everything else from the cedar, would carry the healing properties inherent in nature. This way we were able to get as close as possible to those traditions.