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Siberian Cleansing & Meat Products

Siberian Cleansing and consuming meat products. Our nutritionist answers your important questions and this week we discuss the popular topic of Siberian Cleansing, along with its interaction with the consumption of meat products. Read below to learn more:

Siberian Cleansing & Meat

Question: Does it make sense to do a Siberian Cleanse without giving up meat products?

Answer: The effect of the Siberian Cleanse will indeed be higher against the background of the rejection of meat products. Meat contains many nitrogenous substances, the decay products of which are excreted through the kidneys. With excessive consumption of meat in the kidneys, the system of regulation of blood pressure in the blood vessels is disrupted. This can be manifested by an increase in pressure and a slowdown in the processes of cleansing the body as a whole.

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