Family Homestead Settlement

Rodniki Family Homestead Settlement

The settlement is located not far from the regional center — Kostroma city, just 30 km away, behind the inhabited village on the hills and surrounded on all sides by forest. River Meza is nearby. The river is attractive for lovers of kayaking. Places are rich in berries, mushrooms and medicinal herbs, as well as in the settlement grow Ivan-tea (fireweed).

There is electricity in the settlement, wells are drilled. There is a common house, where it is possible to stay until you are able to build your own house. Here is a very close-knit, friendly team.

The plots are surrounded by hedges; we planted orchards, vegetable garden, dug ponds. We built houses, 3 wells and 3 domestic wells.

Rodniki family homestead settlement, Kostroma oblast — we grow and develop; we also added some plots to our settlement. For this reason, we invite future neighbors to find your piece of the country.