Family Homestead Settlement

Rodovaya Roshcha. Schastlivoe Family Homestead Settlement. Moldova



Living on my own land, knowing and feeling the connection with my family homestead, I penetrated deeper into myself, into my family. I remember fondly the yard of my great grandfather, I was very happy there. I would like to know that similar magical space will remain after me.

We planted our family oak tree in a pot, thinking about how many things it will be able to feel and see. Oak lives a thousand years! How many generations will live here happily, expanding our Space of Love… Maybe in one of my future lives I’ll be the little kid who will crawl under it. Maybe I have to babysit grandchildren under its crown.

Many of my relatives are no longer alive: my grandparents, great grandmother, great grandfather, my father. Their souls can fly somewhere in the Universe or somewhere near my Living Space. And I plant trees for them, naming trees after my Family. I invite them to share with me the joy of life, sometimes I’m asking for advice, or just ask to be near at certain points of my life.

Words can’t describe the feeling when you’re standing in this circle of trees and feel the grace that comes from them. At such moments there is not only I, there is my Family, there are my first progenitors — Father and Love. I feel connection with the Universe. After such moments I really want to do something good, eternal, to leave lots of love and joy behind. Gratitude for everything is through the roof. There are still a lot of life lessons, which we must pass to become wiser.


My parents have already died. But I planted to each of them a tree on my homestead. I asked the trees to give light to the souls of my parents. I wish they could feel the warmth of my heart through my trees. Trees, like people, like animals, can shine to anyone; they want to love, like all living creatures. They love me and fulfil my wishes. Why am I so sure? First, I feel it. When you feel Love, you don’t need proof. My life has changed. I feel very relieved, as if someone was helping me. I feel so much safer because of it. It is like a small child with his father make a snowman. Father at the same time, carries a large piece of snow, but plays along, pretending that his child carries a piece of snow and father just helps. We were always together, all my Family and I. But my Family did not start from the first men, but from God. So my grandparents, ranging from God to my mom and dad are always with me, and they could feel the warmth of my heart. Trees help me in this.