Family Homestead Settlement

Radostnoe Family Homestead


We are between Troitsk and Biysk (cities in Altai Krai); it takes 1 hour to get to the Biysk by car. 20 km from city of Biysk, towards city of Barnaul, until road sign “Lugovskoe”, 13 km to us (Leninism Path aka Komunna (Commune). Light, water wells, good local residents — we’re getting along just fine and we often sit around the campfire. 8 local families plus our families remain for the winter. The rest homesteads are under construction.

We are all different but we are  gathered in one place to perfect dwelling land, to create Living Space for our children, grandchildren, grandparents and of course for Parents — to create a Space of Harmony and Love!

We create a Settlement here, in which will live in peace and friendship like-minded people, i.e. people who are spiritually close to each other, who have a common dream and goal. Let’s turn our Planet into Garden of Eden!! Come and visit us, you can come in winter — we got a lot of place to stay.