Family Homestead Settlement

Needlework in the Homestead. E-Gorowo Family Homestead, Rostock Family Homestead Settlement, Rostov Oblast


I think that in every girl who moved to live on the land awakens desire to be creative. I hear everywhere the story about how those who never even held in the hands brush or needles began to paint pictures or cross-stitch. From somewhere appears desire and inspiration to create something beautiful by hand for home, relatives and friends.

I have a keen interest in creativity thanks to my mother. She is clever with her needle. Vivid childhood memories still live inside of me:  knocking a sewing machine in the evenings, my mother sitting under the lamp with a hoop in hand. As I am becoming older, I’ve come to appreciate handmade things, because I know what work and effort behind this. I tried to create something for myself — a nice bright small things. But in the daily routine of the life, with its cares/studies/work, I didn’t have enough time, patience and some concentration. And after moving to the homestead, I brought a whole bunch of threads and started but unfinished handmade things — I’ve finally had time. In the long winter evenings and even in the summer heat, when it is impossible to do anything on the plot, I always find time for my hobby.

A lot has been said and written about the favorable influence of needlework. Besides meditative impact of the process and overwhelming emotions from the obtained results, needlework for me is a method of self-discipline, education, patience and perseverance. I try not to leave work unfinished, don’t “jump” from one project to another; I try not to do several things at the same time. It helps me in my everyday life. In addition, needlework is perfectly compatible with self-development, because you can simultaneously listen to an interesting audio book or lecture. Oh, and one more pleasant moment — problem with a choice of gift disappears: I can always create something by hand. And this gift will be special, unique and soulful.

And everything is so harmoniously intertwined in the life on the homestead that sometimes being somewhere in the guests I feel uncomfortable — for example I don’t know what to do with  my hands while watching film. And the whole story passed me by, and voice in my head ask me — “how much would you knit during this time?”