Healthy Recipes

Pea Soup

A hearty pea soup makes a wonderful starter or a light lunch during spring time.


dried green or yellow peas – 300g

onions – 1 medium-sized

carrots – 1 pc

olive oil – 4 tsps

cardamom – 3 pcs

dill or caraway seeds – 2 tsps

coriander – 1 pc

sea salt – to taste

ground black pepper

herbs (dill, parsley, basil, thyme or herbs de Provence) – 1 tsp.


    1. Wash peas 2-3 times in running water and soak them in 2 liters of clean water for 1-2 hours. Add some water, if peas absorb all water, add spices and cook until peas soften, for about 20 minutes.
    2. Then add finely sliced onions and carrots. It is not necessary to passivate vegetables, just add 3 teaspoons of olive oil or other non-refined vegetable oil into the soup.

Spices prevent gassiness caused by legumes.

The soup can be served with dry bread only, as fresh bread (as well as potatoes) in combination with peas can increase gassiness.