Family Homestead Settlement

Novy Put (New Way) Family Homestead Settlement


Kemerovo oblast

Novy Put (New Way) Settlement consists of family homestead and located on the territory of the former village New Way, Prokopyevsky district, Kemerovo oblast. Distance from the settlement to the city of Novokuznetsk is 40 km.

There are 9 plots within the locality and 61 plots around the settlement.

The settlement is surrounded from the northeast by mixed forest, and from the southwest by taiga. Forest animals inhabit the taiga: bears, foxes, lynx, wolves, hares, elks, roe deer etc.

The area is hilly. There are several streams in the centre and around the settlement. There are many springs and ponds.

We get together on 3 February 2001. After a series of joint meetings, we have created noncommercial partnership — Sibirskie Rosy (Siberian Dew). We are celebrating this day as birthday of the society.

Our settlement consists mainly of residents of the Novokuznetsk city, who took the land in neighboring Prokopyevsky district.

In 2002, we made the land allotment and the general survey of agricultural land. Type of land use —household plot. In 2003, we delimit all the plots and started to settle down.

In 2011 land issued in rent for 49 years. The land area is from 0.9 to 1.8 hectare.

There is a public area in the centre of the settlement 2.25 hectares in size with common house in the ownership of society.

Since 2011 started the construction of 2 floor hexahedral creative center —”School for Wizards”. There is weekly joint voluntary work for construction of the center in summer.

As of 2013, were built about 30 houses. 11 families reside permanently.

Every year we’re doing a cosmetic repair of roads by own strength. With the participation of “Berezovsky razrez” was planted 1.5 km long cedar avenue (about 1000 seedlings). And the following year the same organization was donated by about 700 cedars. The same organization gave us about 700 cedars for the next year. They were planted on public land, on neutral areas of the settlement, partly on the plots. On the future site of the school was planted the word “HAPPINESS”.

We celebrate a lot of holidays: birthday of the organization, nature holidays (winter and summer solstice, spring and autumn equinox), Harvest Day, Earth Day.

We take part in district concerts and concerts in neighboring villages.

In the Novy Put (New Way) Family Homestead Settlement created two funds to raise funds for infrastructure development and organizational issues.

Administrative Fund: Fees — 300 rubles per month from each homestead. Contributions are used for administrative matters. Visit to administration, events organization, maintenance of the common house, travel of delegates, support and development of the national idea of Family Homestead Settlement creation.

Also 20 thousand rubles allocated for the purchase of sound equipment for events organization annually (acoustic systems, remote control, microphones etc).

The second Fund is Settlement Development Fund. Fees — 2000 rubles per year from each homestead. The Fund is intended for the construction, development and landscaping of the Novy Put (New Way) Family Homestead Settlement. During the summer 2013 were built the walls of the 2 floor hexahedral “School for Wizards” creative center. Were bought construction materials and missing tools.

In the winter 2012-2013, in the most part of the Novy Put (New Way) Family Homestead Settlement were established power poles and two transformers. It is planned to put into operation the electrical network before the end of 2013. Each homestead has the opportunity to use 15kW power 380V.

Two wind turbines operating in the settlement. Sailing wind turbines 5kW (Dudkin homestead), blade wind turbines 1kW (Schmidt family homestead). Solar panels are used in some homesteads.

The architectural feature of the family homestead represented by two geodesic dome and hexagonal house. Building materials include wood, straw, individual green building technologies.

In the summer, it is possible to drive a car. In winter — car and snowmobile. Skis are also used.

There is a shared land (so-called Sannikov Land) on the west side of the settlement, 6 hectares in size. The place is very beautiful and amazing. Here flows a stream. For the period of the end of 2013, the price of 1 hectare is 250 thousand rubles. It is possible to bring the price down. There are also unused plots waiting for active families. We invite families who are familiar with the idea of creation of Family Homestead Settlement. This idea is described in the “the Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series.  We are looking for good neighbors.