Family Homestead Settlement

First Old Russian Wedding Ceremony Was Held in the Belgorod Family Homestead

Rodniki Belogor’ya Public Organization told about innovation in the meeting. This organization was established in 2003. The aim of the organization is consolidation of several family homesteads in the settlement. The main objectives of organization are creation of favorable environmental conditions, the revival of family homestead settlements, ecological and patriotic education of children and development of ecotourism.

Representatives of the organization noted that an impetus to development has given the adoption of the regional law “About family homesteads in the Belgorod oblast” (2010) which helps to preserve and develop the identity of the Belgorod villages, folk traditions and crafts.

One of the recent achievements of the “Rodniki Belogor’ya”  is creation in village of Prokhorovka new settlement consisting of a number of homesteads, now there are already 13 families. And recently, in the settlement was held the first Old Russian wedding ceremony.

Elena Maltseva and Vladimir Kushkovskiy decided to take this step, having already been adults. They spent a lot of time to prepare for the celebration, the bride made her own outfit and outfit for her husband by herself. Participants of celebrations singed and danced in a ring, sang songs and planted the trees – this custom. Only living gifts gave at this wedding.

As representatives of “Rodniki Belogor’ya” say: “This is the beginning of tradition: Old Russian holidays are present in the lives of all the settlements.”

Note that a regional law “About family homesteads” is available in the section “Discussion of implementation of laws” on the official website of the regional Duma; everyone can post suggestions and comments for its implementation.

Note: Regional law “About family homesteads” was adopted by the regional Duma on 18 February 2010. Later there was issued a decree of the government of the region in which specified measures of social support for owners of family homesteads.

According to the legal acts, Belgorod residents can take land at least 1 hectare on a treaty of free use for 49 years. Land is given free of charge, without the right of sale, with right of transfer by inheritance. Land located in the former and sparsely populated villages dedicated for family homesteads in the first place. The rights to receive land have the citizens of Russia, permanently residing on the territory of Belgorod oblast. Program of engineering arrangement of settlements, communications and roads to them is being implemented. The program is implemented at the expense of budgetary funds. Regional Fund of support of individual housing construction also provides loans for the construction of homesteads and outbuildings. Project participants, who are engaged in the cultivation of agricultural products, are included in the “Family farms of Belogorye” program.