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MSU Scientists Visited Family Homesteads


Russian scientific community has taken an active interest in this new for our country and the world phenomenon of family homesteads. On 20 August 2017 in Rodnye Prostory Family Homestead Settlement (Yaroslavl oblast) arrived delegation of scientists from MSU (Lomonosov Moscow State University) Faculty of Economics — Mikhail Pavlov (PhD, research fellow) and Nikolay Hozhainov (PhD) in order to study family homesteads and settlements.

The organizer of the meeting with the residents of family homesteads is the regional office of NATIVE PARTY in the Yaroslavl oblast. From the evening 20 August to the evening of 22 August was held very rich program:

– guests toured three Family Homestead Settlement — Rodnye Prostory, Ladnoe, BlagoDarnoe;

– visited the local farm cooperative – Proshenino LLC and milk processing plant;

– filmed a short movie in one of the most beautiful and outstanding family homestead;

– and also managed to take a bath and swim in the pond (in the family homestead in which they lived).

Scientists have meticulously researched the family homestead. They were interested in everything: age, social status, place of work of inhabitants, the organization of joint activities in the settlements (holidays, meetings, community work days), legal aspects of land registration, organization of schooling for children, the principle of adopting common decisions, common infrastructure and its cost, planning of family homestead, fruit-berry plantings, forest park, rare plants, presence of vegetable gardens, crop capacity, agrotechnology, creation of ponds, availability of fish and species of fish, pets (horses, cattle, poultry, etc.), tractors and machinery in the family homestead, small-scale mechanization, building materials, furnace and heating system, vegetable storage, cost of family homestead development and more.

Residents of family homesteads, in turn, have given a cordial welcome to our guest, willingly told and showed researchers their family homesteads, some gave them unique herbal teas of own manufacture, some did for them cocktails and desserts with herbs, gave fruits from homesteads — berries, apples, honey and so forth — almost all menu for guests consisted of foods produced in the family homestead.

One of the Ladnoe Family Homestead Settlement residents showed grow room (heated room for growing vegetables and herbs in the winter) created by herself. Guests were amazed by her homestead and its aesthetic, rational and practical arrangement of the house and grounds. Therefore, the researchers decided to go back to homestead on the second day, to shoot about it a short movie, and eventually have dedicated about 5-6 hours of time.

“Ringing cedars of Russia” series by Vladimir Megre inspired a large number of people, and thanks to them were born family homesteads. Definition of the word “home” (from Vladimir Megre book “Anasta”): “Home is a living space shaped by human thought, reflecting his mental capacity.” This definition is a new philosophical and scientific paradigm that requires a comprehensive study. Specified family homestead have attracted the attention of researchers, because it is best suits under the definition. The beauty and arrangement of this site are the result of high productivity and ability of its mistress, which in turn is the result of “living” food! She eats fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits from her own plots year-round and helps her in this grow room, through which her diet always include “green” cocktails.

Accordingly, it is easy to continue a logical chain: in order to increase mental population ability in general and to turn Russia into the world scientific, financial, innovative center, it is necessary to maintain such a lifestyle i.e. to live in the family homestead and eat own products.

After Ladnoe Family Homestead Settlement delegation went to BlagoDarnoe FHS. Many residents of BlagoDarnoe on the occasion of the arrival of guests gathered in heated room for general meetings. Residents organized a tea party with their own honey and other viands, and even gave a little impromptu concert — sing songs, known to everyone since childhood. Residents of BlagoDarnoe Family Homestead Settlement is also known for very cohesive team, they use an interesting mechanism to make the right decisions, applying so-called “Veche principle”, about which they told the researchers.

On the second day guests visited local producers of agricultural products. Director and agronomist of the agricultural production, Proshenino LLC shared with scientists from Moscow problems and difficulties of their professional activities: lack of qualified personnel and so on. And after that, guests visited the local mini milk processing plant, where they got a chance to purchase products.

Given that scientists-economists came, the residents of family homesteads has offered to co-create a pilot economic projects to attract investors, grants for the development of small enterprises, in order to be able to employ residents of family homesteads. Such a possibility of earnings necessary for the residents of the family homesteads to attract material resources to build as quickly as possible a house or to move in already equipped family homestead for permanent residence.

During the visit, the scientists noted that each family homestead has its own peculiarity, its own specialization, each of them is unique.

On the basis of the received information and photos, scientists are going to prepare analytical report for MSU, as well as information and analytical report for Anastasia Foundation.

P.S. During the event, representatives of the regional office of NATIVE PARTY in the Yaroslavl oblast who had organized for MSU scientists tours of family homesteads, found that scientist’s arrival broke all records for the number of visited family homesteads in one day and the number of joint photographs.