Family Homestead Settlement

Krasnolesye Family Homestead Settlement

Krasnolesye Family Homestead Settlement

We are located on the 200 hectares of fields in the foothills of Chatyr-Dag on the lower plateau between the villages of Dobroe and Krasnoles’e, near Simferopol city. The settlement consists of several parts: Krasnolesye group, Svetloe group.

The settlement was born on April 11th, 2004 — 3 plots of land were registered on this day.  At this stage of the settlement development, Krasnolesye family homesteads group consists of 20 families, 9 families residing in their family homesteads.

Each of us has come to the settlement inspired by light images of Anastasia. We create a family homestead for ourselves and our family. Of family homestead is created a settlement.

At the general meetings of the settlement we rejoice in the fellowship and learn to achieve full understanding and agreement on all issues. We’re building houses, giving preference to natural materials. We do not use technologies that may harm the ecology of the area.

We respect the land, we are involved in restoration of soil fertility, we do not use chemical fertilizers, mechanical intertillage of the land and burning the grass.

All who are close to the family homesteads theme, wants to settle down in the land, seeking suitable sites —we invite you to join us. There are vacant lands in our Krasnolesye settlement, waiting for their owners! If you are in tune with our vision, you love our Mother Earth and you are ready to interact, come to us!