Family Homestead Settlement

Radosvet Family Homestead Settlement

Radosvet Family Homestead Settlement was founded in 2016. Located in the Crimean region in the Valley of Checkups River (at the junction of Anapa district) in the Krasnodar oblast, 30 km away from Anapa city (Black Sea) and 30 km away from Temryuk city (Azov Sea).

The total area of the settlement is 600 hectares, including several pine groves, parklands and spring lakes.

Climatic zone of the region and fertile soil structure allows to grow many species of annual and perennial plants.

The land is rich in artesian water sources, useful for drinking. Checkups spring river flows through one of the boundaries of the settlement, and Kuban river flows 5 km away from the upper boundary.

The project includes the creation of the necessary infrastructure:

— Roads

— Improving the public territory

— Arboretum, nursery

— School

— Sports centre

— Recreation centre

— Vegetarian café

— Eco-shop

— Guest houses

Radosvet Family Homestead Settlement is an association of like-minded people who seek to create a better future for themselves and their children. The ideology of settlement based on the principles described in the Ringing cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megre.

The basic principles for us are:

+ Creation of healthy environment in which people can live in harmony with nature;

+ A healthy lifestyle, which means a complete ban on smoking, drinking, drugs, swearing and other bad habits and their propaganda;

+ No discrimination on the grounds of race, nationality or religion; for the same reason, prohibited the construction of religious purpose objects;

+ We treat animals as friends — a complete ban on the slaughtering, farming for meat or hunting animals;

+ Vegetarian diet;

+ Creation of a new education system and upbringing of children, taking into account the preceding principles;

+ Fencing of territory by hedge;

+ Ban on the enterprises creation harmful to humans or nature.


The total area of the Radosvet Family Homestead Settlement is 600 hectares: • 500 hectares allocated for the Family homestead creation; • 32 ha for the arboretum and nursery; • 30 ha — mixed forest; • 14 ha — trade-fair area; • 6 ha — pine grove; • 5 ha — for the manufacturing and processing of products, produced in the homesteads; • 4 ha — lakes cascade; • 4 ha — public area.

We invite healthy, strong families to become residents of the Radosvet Family Homestead Settlement.