Family Homestead Settlement

KIN DOMAINS: Where do our products come from?

A large percentage of the assortment of the MEGRE LLC online store are products that have been made by craftsmen living on Kin Domains. What is this about you may ask? This is about love for nature, for your work and about sincerity and naturalness.

Where did the Kin Domain start?

“First, choose for yourself from all the possible favourable places on earth your own, the place you like. The place where you would like to live. In which to wish and children could live their lives. And you will become a good memory for your great-grandchildren”

Such a parting word was received by Vladimir Megre in the Siberian taiga from Anastasia and he passed it on in his books . This idea resonated with people, and in a very short time, settlements of Kin’s Homesteads began to form throughout the country.

This happened spontaneously, people simply moved to the earth and began to create their family nests as they wanted and in a intuitive way. These families began to find crafts on their homestead to their liking, it came from a deep inner inspiration . At first they did it for themselves, then they started doing it for their neighbours, and then it grew into a family business.

Where are we now?

Now there are more than 370 such settlements in Russia – from the foothills of the Caucasus to the Far East. And in each there are families that run their own small business – they keep a wild apiary or spin nettle fibres, prepare real living cosmetics or collect willow tea, make jam from pine cones … there is always a personal story connected with each activity. Many of these activities make you turn to the roots, restore the traditions of the ancestors, as they did when living on the earth.

In the settlements, people live in unity with nature and their native land, their religion is sincerity towards themselves, the world around them and what they do. All products are 100% natural. And this is fundamental. Everything that is used in the production is grown and harvested by hand or using homemade wooden equipment, and therefore the products carry not only purity and usefulness, but also the love of the master.

It is especially important that all the products that are produced and sold here are the same that the craftspeople create for their own family and carry a special living energy. Each item is unique because it is impossible to make two of the same when you are crafting by hand.

Our online store was conceived just like that – to unite producers from family homesteads, so that everyone can find and buy these living products for themselves.

Visit our online store here – products crafted on Kin Domains or in our MEGRE Cedar House.