4 Ideas to Make Your Beloved Feel Special

It is important to celebrate our beloved – whether there is a celebration or holiday, or even if it is just a normal week. Although we all love receiving gifts, there are ways to make someone feel special without buying them something. This way you can of course purchase thoughtful gifts for them, but you can also do something meaningful that encourages love and connection. We decided to share some ideas with you 🙂

Write a Poem for your loved one

Maybe we are not all poets, but speaking from the heart and soul can mean the world to someone we care about. Write a special note with your loved one as your inspiration, you can write it in good handwriting for a personal touch, on good quality paper. You can get creative with it to make it special 🙂

Take your beloved for a walk in Nature

Fresh air and the natural world is usually enough to put our minds at ease and in a good mood. Take a stroll with your partner anywhere in nature where you can spend time alone. Pay attention to things on the walk that you or your partner likes, such as a specific tree or the way the snow falls in a specific area. You can share these thoughts together as you walk, taking time out from the rest of the world to be with each other.

Have an unusual meal with your beloved

Have a meal together that you both would like to try. You can cook it together, maybe something that you haven’t tried before. Spend a quiet evening together cooking and talking, eating by candle light. If you are struggling to come up with a recipe idea, you can check out our blog for a variety of interesting and unique recipes 🙂

Plan your Kin Domain/Family Homestead

Our most favourite idea – it is the perfect way to connect. You can draw pictures together of what you would like your kin domain to look like, or you could make a list of the plants, trees and flowers that you would each like to plant. No matter what you choose to do to plan it, it is a wonderful way to connect and begin to learn what each of you would like to do and how you would like to design your space.

Everybody likes to feel noticed and appreciated, this is the biggest gift we can give our beloved!

“A man in the state of love gives off an emission. In a fraction of a second it reflects off the planets sailing above the person and once more reaches Earth, giving life to everything alive. “

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