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Earth Day and Vladimir Megre’s Birthday!

That is the great day!

My Grandpa and I prepared gifts for everyone!

  1. There is his video congratulation, the first one (English translation is there in the comments)
  2. I’m going to share with you my grandfather’s favorite products.Of course, he says that all our products he likes equally, but I know his favorites, I see every order of him.To get the discount use promo code EARTHDAY2021. Enter the code in your cart. The code is valid July 23-26.
  1. Green books

Number one item. They cannot be ignored in this list. The most favorite books of each member of our family. Vladimir (yes, I call my grandfather like this) takes the first book of the series “Anastasia” every time he goes somewhere. Once he forgot the book and we had to send it with courier.

2. Anti-aging cedar cream balm

No many words, just facts. I see cream in each Vladimir’s order. It is always on his bathroom counter.  He takes the cream in every trip. I know he uses it after shaving or washing his face every morning. Super necessarily thing. I use it too, by the way.

To be continued next year. I need to collect more information. Meanwhile I’m going to order the cream for myself. And the soap as well.

3. Cedar nut oil, 250 ml

It is always in Vladimir’s fridge. Every time he opens the fridge looking for something to eat, he drinks a spoon of the oil. This is a rule.

Ok, I was just kidding J. But taking the cedar oil 3 times a day is must for him. It’s good for immunity, GI tract and energy. Checked personally by me. Now it is compulsory program for all relatives.

4. Face and Body Cedar Soap

Our soap should be in every home. Once having tried it you fall in love for life. Men are not ready to spend much time for choosing special kind of soap, but women know that our body absorbs a nutrition through the skin. It’s better not to use chemical ones. In other way it reduce the effect of following healthy diets, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, just because your body gets a big dose of toxins though skin.

I maybe too forceful, but you can see it as well, don’t you? Cedar soap should be on every shelf in your bathroom.

5. Cedar Soap-Shampoo

The same sense, see above. A man can also use Milk & Honey soap instead of shampoo, and even Shaving Cedar Soap. I do so when Shampoo soap is off. But keep it a secret.