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Polina Megre’s Birthday!

On the eve of Polina’s birthday, daughter of Vladimir Megre and the Muse of our company, we share the list of her favorite items from and give 15% discount for these products.

To get the discount use promo code HBPOLINA. Enter the code in your cart. The code is valid July 8-11.

  1. Cedar resin chewing gum

This is not chewing gum in the classic sense, it is a small piece of resin (also known as SAP). Do you know what resin is? Have you ever seen tar run down a tree? So, this tar is the resin. It is considered as a very strong natural antiseptic. You need to put the gum in your mouth, hold it for a while to become softer and then chew.

I used to chew it when my throat or gums hurt, but now I always chew it or just keep it in my mouth when I go to public places. Such an antiseptic in the mouth 🙂

2. Cedar nut oil with cedar resin or with the sea-buckthorn extract

I add it to my diet when I catch a cold or anyone of my family is sick. In such a situation, I take the oil 7-8 times a day, right out of the bottle.

3. Cedar nut oil, 250 ml

I use it on a daily basis. I take it in and use to remove cosmetics. Love the effect on my skin and eyelashes. My cosmetologist shared the secret, and I’m grateful to her. Also I take a couple of spoons every morning.

4. Megre Elixir, 30 ml

It is pure aesthetics (yes, I love beauty). Elixir fits in any purse.

I always take it in traveling, especially if I travel by plane.

We have been taking it for many years on a daily basis. One push at least. However, if I’m unwell or there is a risk to get infected, I increase the dosage.

5. Toothpaste with siberian cedar essential oil

Cedar toothpaste is my special love. My favorite one is the brown paste with essential oil of Siberian cedar. It is always with me even in traveling. I like how it influences on my gums and it’s whitening teeth effect. Not so long ago we changed the pack of our toothpastes. I like how it looks in the bathroom now and how its tube feels. While using the toothpaste enters the body. Using our cedar paste, I am safe.