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Does Megre Elixir Help Improve Liver Function?

Will Megre Elixir improve liver function? Our nutritionist, Elena Garagulya, answers your important questions and this week we discuss Megre Elixir and how it can improve liver function. To learn more about this topic, read below:

Will Elixir help improve liver function?

MEGRE Elixir is recommended as a therapeutic agent for liver dysfunction to reduce inflammation, improve bile flow and bile quality.

In the spring of 2021, a study was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Khachatryan Artem Ashotovich. The aim was to identify the effect of Elixir (pine cone oil) on the quality of bile and bile flow in patients with clinical abnormalities. The study involved people with inflammatory processes in the liver, cloudy bile with excess mucus, with a large number of leukocytes.

In the process, various indicators of the state of the liver and bile of patients were examined weekly by duodenal sounding and microscopy of bile. The study group took only Elixir and herbal choleretic collection, the control group – only choleretic collection, without Elixir. According to the results in the study group, 100% of patients showed a noticeable decrease in leukocytes, which indicates the effective anti-inflammatory effect of the Elixir. In 96% of the subjects, the quality of bile outflow and bile production improved.

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