Healthy Recipes

“Cedar” vegetable salad.

Fresh salad with cedar nuts can impress any gourmet! The combination of vegetables, fresh squeezed lime juice, cedar nuts and cedar oil will give you strength and health for the rest of the day!

For the salad, we will need:

Cedar nuts – 100 g;

Lime – 1 piece;

Cabbage – 400 g;

Bulgarian pepper – 2 pieces;

Cucumber-3 pieces;

Cedar oil – 5 tbsp;

Sugar – 1 tbsp;

Salt – at will;


How to cook:

Fry cedar nuts slightly in a pan without oil.

Cut the Bulgarian pepper and the cucumber into small pieces.

Chop the cabbage.

If you want to make your salad more colorful, take peppers of different colours!

To prepare the dressing for the salad mix the cedar nut oil, with fresh squeezed lime juice and sugar (add some salt).

Mix all the ingredients for our salad in a large bowl and sprinkle it with the fried cedar nuts.


Enjoy the meal!