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Life in the City vs. Life in the Country. Review from MITS Group of Companies

Why do most Americans and Western Europeans live in detached country houses and cottages? Well, that’s probably because it is very difficult to achieve a peaceful and comfortable life in a modern metropolis. One by one appears the problems of inconvenience, noise, deficiencies in the work of public services, transportation, environmental security and so on.

So people are drawn to nature in a more natural habitat, in more favourable circumstances; whether the genes that attracts them to the past… Life in a country house is certainly better! Especially if rural and city life close in level of comfort to each other as possible.

“Cottages and country houses, suitable for living are under construction in the last decade in Russia. Thus, quite recently the cottages were built in the city limits, now they are built outside the city. If in the past people sought to build a monumental, thick-walled brick or concrete residential house, in recent years the balance is weighted in favour of wooden construction,” – says the analyst of MITS Group of Companies (Moscow Mortgage Center).

It is worth to mention that our ancestors chose this environmentally friendly material for good reason. Wooden house seem to breathe. In winter it is warm, in summer it is fresh. How can we compare wooden house with brick or concrete? Remember what unpleasant feeling you experience after a hot bath or long cooking in the kitchen in an apartment building. It seems that it’s just hard to breathe. And compare the feeling after a bath in a country house. It is an indescribable feeling. Already this fact speaks for itself.

In the Khrushchev and Brezhnev times people also wanted to have a city cottage. How many is necessary? – 6 acres, the garden with potatoes and carrots. And work on those acres from dawn to dusk. Now everything has changed. Life and needs has changed. Family homestead 50-100 acres in size, spacious wooden house built on the original project is in favor in Russia now. Country life revived again concepts such as landscape design, artificial pond with a small fountain and light, or the pool with nickel grab bars, alpine garden or a small garden in the feng shui style, hi-tech and things like that.

All this became possible and affordable. It is possible to maintain urban lifestyle, living in a comfortable country house. The plot of land and the road to it is all what we need. It remains only the most important and indispensable requirement, which should have a plot of land for cottage construction – sources of energy: electricity, water, gas and sewerage.

Conclusion: The positive impact of nature on human life is undeniable. Life in nature, outside the city (but close to it) is much better than in the city. People’s desire to be closer to all natural is obviously. It is feasible in our time, really. It is only necessary to move constantly to the target. Then everything will be OK.