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Bread out of the Adobe Oven! Rostock Family Homestead Settlement, Rostov Oblast



Zarianov family from the Rostock Family Homestead Settlement bakes delicious, yeast-free, homemade bread for friends and neighbors!

Aleksey Zarianov and his wife Natalia live in the settlement for a few years. Three years ago, baking of home-made bread gradually turned into extra income for a young family. One of the main features of this bread is that it is unleavened, it means not only delicious, but also more useful than traditional yeast bread!

Baking of bread does not stop in the Zarianov family homestead all year round. In winter — traditionally, in the Russian oven, made by Alex in their izba-house. (An izba is a traditional Russian countryside dwelling). To bake bread in the spring-summer period, in large quantities would be impossible, but the resourcefulness and skilled hands did the trick! Aleksey has built on his homestead, a small adobe oven on the special technology, right under the open sky  — skills randomly acquired in his youth turned out to be useful. So now the residents of the Rostock Family Homestead Settlement and friends of the Settlement have the opportunity to see useful, lively, homemade bread on his desk for the whole year!

We, inhabitants of Rostock Family Homestead Settlement, thank Zarianov family and we happy to share this information with the friends of our Settlement!

Rostock Family Homestead Settlement, Rostov Oblast