Family Homestead Settlement

Blagorodnoe Family Homestead Settlement

August 20, 2006 is a birthday of our settlement.

The area of settlement is 192 hectares:

115 hectares are allocated for individual homestead plots ranging from 1 ha to 2 ha;

  • 15 hectares of pine forest are left for the park;
  • About 10 hectares allocated for the children school-sports zone;
  • There is land for playgrounds and public needs of the settlement: communal house, administrative building etc.

Work is well under way to change the category of land and then it will be possible to build, and to register.

Our settlement is situated on the Bank of the river Uzhrat’ surrounded by fields and mixed forests. The river is pure, spring, does not freeze in winter. The place is very beautiful. You can choose a site for every taste: without trees, partly covered with pines, birches, aspens, willows; young forest. There are lot of strawberries in open areas and a lot of mushrooms, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, stone bramble in the woods. Affects the abundance of herbs and meadow flowers. Although we have sandy loam soil, apple trees and plum orchards grow and give a good harvest. But when we grow up pine and spruce trees to protect gardens from cold weather and frost, we hope to eat pears, cherries and other fruits of more southern regions.

But when it rains, there is no mud, because the water is quickly absorbed in the sand. Roads in the settlement are backfilled with sand and gravel; it is possible to come on transport.

So, welcome to us, dear followers! Together we will create our settlement, to raise a tree of generation. Our settlers already have positive experience in the cultivation of cedars from cedar nuts – Olya and Vladimir Ziminy are already growing family tree on the homestead – seven-year-old handsome cedars!