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Amendments to the Law on Far Hectare

Amendments to the law which regulates granting to the citizens of Russia Far Eastern hectare.

As reports Primorye News with reference to official Internet portal of legal information, now the territory within the boundaries of which areas may not be available for free use in the order of this law, will be determined not by the regional administration and the regional law which, for example, in the Primorsky Krai (territory) should adopt by the Legislative Assembly. The Governor will be made consultation with the Ministry for development of Russian Far East in the draft law. And if earlier to the territory got into such a “forbidden” list it was supposed to be in the boundaries of urban districts or within the boundaries of the centers of the municipal districts, or within 10 kilometers from the settlements with a population of 50,000 or more, or within 20 kilometers from human settlements with a population of over 300,000 people, and now these requirements are removed, and the alignment where may be allocated Far East hectare are at the sole discretion of the state authorities.

In the previous edition of the law one of the grounds of refusal of the Far Eastern hectare was that before 2001, the requested land had already been granted to a citizen for keeping a personal subsidiary, country economy, truck farming, gardening, individual garage or individual housing construction in the act, certificate or other document, establishing or certifying the right of a citizen to this land plot does not contain the right that provided such land, or impossible to determine the type of the right.

There is an exception: if a citizen, who had previously been granted the requested plot is the applicant who wants to obtain the same plot as “Far Eastern hectare”, in this case, the area may be granted according to the procedure of law, if on this site is the property right on which is registered for this citizen.

Changes also include a ban on the provision of Far Eastern hectares within the boundaries of the hunting grounds used by legal persons or individual entrepreneurs on the basis of the hunting agreements.

If a citizen who has been given the Far East hectare, in the future will be deprived of citizenship of the Russian Federation, the contract of uncompensated use of land plot with him will be discontinued and will be impossible to continue the transfer of land ownership or lease.

Now the authorized agency will guide the interagency requests to other agencies, to see if there are grounds for refusal to grant the Far Eastern hectares to citizen.

Amendments come into force on 29 December 2016.

Source: Primorye News