Family Homestead Settlement

Istok Family Homestead Settlement

Jewish Autonomous Oblast

Istok Family Homestead Settlement

Istok family homestead settlement is located in the Far East of Russia in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, 29 km from Birobidzhan. The village of Zholtiy Yar is located in 1 kilometer away from the territory of the settlement; the village has a 24 hour store, a club, a school and a kindergarten.

The first settlers came to the land in the spring of 2011, and one year later the settlement began to develop actively. We bought 40 hectares of land. The land is in the category of agricultural land for LPKh conducting (household plots). Plots are located in about 300 meters from the asphalted track. The settlement has a strong dirt road.

Istok family homestead is located in a picturesque place: you can see the beautiful Ulduri hills 700 m high, there is a gulf on the other side of the track, the Bira River and beautiful oak alley, where at the end of summer you can find white mushrooms. On the field, unlike the village, the nature is wilder; pheasants and quail live in grass. Swallows settle under the roofs of the buildings. Where there is water, wild ducks swimming on the spring. Deer and foxes come from the woods, and in general the nature here is very gullible.

The local flora is very rich and varied; there are many medicinal plants, mushrooms and berries. In the forests grow lime, guelder rose, hawthorn, wild apple, buckthorn, dog rose, hazel, Korean pine, grapes, etc. In the gardens freely, without shelter for the winter, grows pear, apple, apricot, plum, and other fruit and berry plants.

As our village is young and small, the infrastructure is not developed yet, but in the territory already allocated land for the common house, a place for a large pond, marked road between the family homesteads. The installation of the power lines is not planned on the territory of the settlement. It was considered to use alternative energy sources, to provide families with electricity: wind turbines, solar panels, etc. Each family installs the column as sources of water.

The settlement is the permanent home for two families (2013). Five families are started to equip their family homestead, among them two children of school age. In total, there are 13 people in the settlement.

At the moment people are actively engaged in the land restoring, according to the methods of permaculture, planting trees in “a common place”, together reviving the Slavic holidays and traditions.

It is planned creation of City of Masters, for the revival of folk crafts. The settlers plan to build nursery garden, beekeeping and horse breeding in their family homestead.

Contact us:

Gribkovy Vasilij and Alisa

Phone number: 8-914-016-90-72, 8-914-016-91-70

Our settlement is very nice, beautiful and cozy.

We are waiting for the new young and enterprising neighbors.

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