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4 of Nina Megre ‘s Favourite Products

My name is Nina Megre. I’m a grand-daughter of the famous writer Vladimir Megre and a founder of the web-store.

It was very hard to select only 4 of my favourite products, because I use and love all of them. So, I tried to focus on items that I currently use no matter where in the world I am.

1. Megre Elixir

You can read about the Elixir here. I am so proud of my father Sergey who invented this product. He is the first, and the only one, who produces the Elixir, this is the reason we call it Megre Elixir.

This product is multifunctional. Just a few reasons I use it:

– To get rid of radionuclides during flights. I have to fly quite often, so I always take Elixir on board and take one push every hour of flight. It also helps me to avoid getting lagged. 

– When the weather is cold or when someone from my friends/relatives/colleagues are sick, and I don’t want to get the flu. Take one push 5-7 times a day.

– When I get food poisoned I take 5 pushes of the Elixir, because it is a very strong antiseptic.

– I also do a one month course every 6 months to give a boost to my immunity.

Note: This product is very strong and you shouldn’t use it before you prepare your body for it, if you have a lot of toxins. I recommend using Cedar nut oil with Megre Elixir for one month before trying it.

2. Cedar Oil with Resin

Cedar Nut Oil enriched with Cedar resin is above all a strong immunostimulant, which strengthens the weakened body. It is a source of highly absorbable vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is the perfect tool in assisting the body in recovering from an illness such as a cold or a flu.

It also helps:

–  in case of the lack of vitamin E

– as a means of strengthening the immune system

3. Marzipan Bon Bons

My father Sergey developed these delicious Bon Bon’s. They are produced in our family production in the Taiga with quality ingredients and unique flavours.


Classic tender marzipan made from grated almonds, but instead of sugar we used natural molasses, so the taste of sweets is soft, not cloying. The peculiarity of all marzipans in the MEGRE line of healthy sweets is that pine nut cake is heartily added to them, so the sweets are not only very tasty, but also healthy. Having a high energy value, they do not lead to extra pounds, because nuts are high in protein and vitamin E, which burns carbohydrates into energy.


Marzipan sweets with forest blackberries, no added sugar. Covered in dark Belgian chocolate.
Delicate marzipan with wild Siberian berries and cedar flakes.
Thanks to the deep noble color and large bones, it makes the marzipan filling especially beautiful.
Give blackberry marzipans for health to friends and family, use as a healthy snack and an unusual treat for tea.


Cedar marzipans with sweet carrot pieces covered with natural dark chocolate.
We invented a delicate combination of floured almonds and cedar oil cake at Megre Cedar House as a Siberian version of a traditional delicacy. We do not use white sugar in the manufacture of marzipans, replacing it with natural molasses. And the combination with carrots emphasizes the healthy composition of sweets.
Cedar-carrot marzipan is not just a delicious candy! This is a whole philosophy of Siberian health, a gift with a meaning and a wish for health, a high-quality healthy composition and an unusual taste that everyone without exception likes.


Marzipan sweets with sublimated pumpkin. An unexpected delicious combination of cedar cake with pumpkin and grated almonds, with natural dark Belgian chocolate glaze. All three – almonds, cedar nut and pumpkin pulp – have strong antioxidant properties, protect the body from the oxidative stress that it puts on a daily basis in the modern world. And also contain the same vitamins – B, E, PP, and trace elements – iron, magnesium, potassium, fiber. Therefore, their concentration in these sweets is maximum.

4. Megre Cedar Protein Breakfasts

These breakfasts were the idea of Vladimir Megre – or rather he unknowingly created them. For many years he ate cedar flakes with berries like a breakfast cereal, so we decided to turn it into one we could share with everyone. It is specifically developed for those who do not have the time to plan healthy breakfast meals in their daily lives. It is quick and easy and only requires hot water or milk.

Unique cedar protein breakfasts made on the basis of cedar flakes and jerusalem artichoke syrup, with the addition of wild taiga berries. They come in four flavours:

I hope you enjoy these unique products from our family production.

With Love,

Nina Megre

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