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Spring Tips: Adding saliva to your seeds for health

Spring time is an exciting time for those who love plants! It is a time for planting seeds, preparing the earth and getting ready for a new season of growth and abundance. In the book “Anastasia” by Vladimir Megre, Anastasia shared methods to plant seeds that can produce plants to help heal your body.

Spring tips – Adding saliva to some of your seeds for health

It is important to take note of certain details when performing Anastasia’s saliva method with seeds. Conventional seeds may be coated in pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Heirloom or Organic Seeds

There are good alternatives to use such as heirloom or organic seeds that have not been chemically treated. A suggestion from a reader if one is unable to find seeds that are not treated and you have no other options but to use conventional seed – is to place place saliva in the hand and then place the seed in it for 9 minutes. Although this method is not the same as Anastasia’s original suggestion – it still gives the seed a chance to absorb information from your body. But we always must do our best to find the best quality seed that has not been tampered with.

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