Family Homestead Settlement

Vladimir Megre about the Family Book

About the Family Book
There is a very strong organized opposition, which lead not from Russia. There are only 6 people that have influence on the Church thought deception etc.
Now we will see how destroyed Russian culture. Not just see but feel it for yourself. When you strive to do something good for your family, your children, for yourself, and they call you sectarian. They say it purposely. They resist against positive initiatives in Russia. They can’t let this happen. But you still act and opposition intensified. And you’re hurt because you feel it for yourself. Then where is this spiritual body that would support this? It was not there. Still none of the very highly spiritual structures haven’t answered: Where is the Russian culture, guys? Where these Russian holidays? Gentiles, Gentiles, Vedrussian, Vedrussian… where is the culture? There is no single book, no single source! That’s how destroyed – out by the root! The script was destroyed. And they keep saying something about spirituality. So, behind this spirituality is hiding something with quite a different face.
And we all swallow it. And well, there is this confrontation. Here they are come to light, here is what we saw.
And then – I am ready to bow to Anastasia – she is a player, which will not be able to defeat the priests, and all their assistants. Look: we will win, and in 500 years everything could be repeated again. In 100 years will say: “They were the followers of Anastasia, the sectarians, they children were burned.”
Maybe this was a mistake of Vedrussian (Vedic Russian) – they do not attach importance to the family book. Only the family book may not turn back and protect the homestead. What happened: Vedrussian underestimated these deceitful actions, which gradually destroyed the culture. And the story was distorted.
What do we know about our progenitors? Turns out they were horrible pagans, almost brought sacrifices. But they had no sacrifices. Look, all the holidays were fun, for example Maslenitsa. But we, our grandmothers, our children were taught so. So, those people gave insufficient importance to the Family book and thus gave their history at the mercy of the enemy.
And now let the latter-day historians say it was so and so. And your son or daughter would open the Family book and say – « Father never wrote it, you’re lying! » Pay attention to the Family book and tell the people with whom you will communicate that it is very important.
Now here comes the confrontation – write about it! We must write our history. Stop looking how they deceive our children. How could we, how could a whole generation, a whole nation to allow to mock at the progenitors! It’s our mothers and fathers! Don’t say anything bad about the culture that was destroyed.
Is there a more humiliated nation than our nation, which renounces the culture of their ancestors? Write down all who would offend the Gentiles in a Family book, and speak their opinions – who they are. I got into a conversation …