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Tatyana Pryadka. Cedar Planting. Ukraine

Just a few centuries ago, territories of Europe were covered by the mighty cedar forests. Such forests also were on the territory of modern Ukraine, this is evidenced by archaeological research — spores of cedar pollen were found in peat bog, former habitat of the sable (which lives only where cedars grow), notes of a travelers and ancient legends.

Cedar forests possess strong anti-bacterial activity — a big city can be cleaned from pathogenic bacteria through one hectare of cedar forest. In the cedar needles contains 5 times more essential oils than in the pine needles, the air in cedar grove twice as sterile as an operating room. Growing, cedars change composition of insects, birds and animals around them; pulling even up to 150 species of plants and animals. As popular proverb says, “There’s cedar, there will be a sable, and bear, and squirrel.”

Well-developed cedars give about fifty or more kilogram of nuts per year, which contains an incredible amount of useful substances: vitamins, trace elements, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats. Needles and cedar resin (oleoresin) have a high healing power. Folk medicine is widely used their medicinal properties in its centuries-old practice.

Cedar trees need special attention, care, until they grow up.

Children cope with this task best of all. Therefore, we will plant saplings on the territory of Kyiv kindergartens, schools and orphanages, which will express such a desire, and will be able to provide the necessary conditions for planting and subsequent care.

In the framework of this project, in addition to the main landings, will be held lessons about the cedar, ecological and historical quiz for children, the planting of cedar nuts in pots and presentation of personal cedars in pots for the holidays.

Tatyana Pryadka