Family Homestead Settlement

Lesnaya Polyana (Forest Glade) Family Homestead Settlement


Mari El Republic

Our settlement is located in the ecologically clean place — Zvenigovsky district of the Mari El Republic. Lesnaya Polyana is part of the Ismenetsky rural settlement. Mari El is a forest country with the untouched Northern nature, clean lakes and rivers, plant and animal diversity. Residents of the Mari El — people who managed to preserve their traditions. There are many hiking, equestrian and water routes in this region. We’d love it if Lesnaya Polyana (Forest Glade) Family Homestead Settlement as well as Earth Day Festival which is organized by the team of our settlements annually, have become real landmarks of the Republic.

Remoteness from important objects:

— the settlement is located at a distance of about 90 km from three cities-national centers: Yoshkar-Ola (Mari El Republic), Kazan (Tatarstan) and Cheboksary (Chuvashia);

— nearest regional center — Zvenigovo city is 7 km away from the settlement;

— nearest village — Istentsy is 5 km away;

— Volga river is about 5 km;

— Ilet’ river is about 10 km;

— nearest train station — Pomary located at a distance of 20 km.


The history of Lesnaya Polyana begins with the creation of the initiative group in 2008. Group began creating a vision of the future settlement, searching for a suitable land in parallel. In 2009, we managed to find a place that perfectly fit our image. Thanks to a clear contact with the regional administration, preparation of documents for the first 36, 6 hectares was completed in 2010. In the beginning of 2015 is expected joining the second part of a land in the size of 70 hectares.

As at December 2014 there are 23 homesteads. 10 families reside permanently, the rest are preparing for the move. Houses appropriate for winter habitation are built in almost all homesteads.


From a legal point of view, our settlement is a dacha non-profit partnership; all members have equal rights with the founders. Lesnaya Polyana Family Homestead Settlement has elected chairman, which oversees external communications of the partnership as a legal entity. Land is in the ownership of Lesnaya Polyana Family Homestead Settlement in the category “agricultural land” and with the permitted use “for country house construction”.  It means according to the legislation allowed to build a house or even to register.

All decisions in Lesnaya Polyana are made at general meetings of the settlement. Each homestead has one vote. In order to take decision, 75% “FOR” is needed. We work out the details of the plan for the settlement development and working groups (group of the electricity supply, roads, construction, etc.) Each homestead is involved in one or more working groups by choice.


Each homestead has electricity. Posts and cable are in the ownership of Lesnaya Polyana Family Homestead Settlement. For 23 sites installed transformer capacity of 100 KW, each homestead may count on power consumption no more than 3 KW.

Gas supply to the settlement is not planned.

An artesian well drilled on a common place. Summer water distribution systems are made for each homestead, the pressure creates the water tower. Each family decides the issue with winter supply on their own: for example, it is possible to carry water from the well to the homestead by car. Water supply system is planned for the future.

In the middle of the settlement dug the lake, it is possible to swim in it all year round. Perhaps there are springs, they need to explore in the surrounding woods. There are some problems with wells, because the water is at a depth of 50 meters.

Heated trailer built now on common place, settlers and candidates for settlement can live there. In May 2014, has started common house building, it will be used as a club, school, place for meetings and celebrations, as well as mini-hotel for guests of Lesnaya Polyana.

The distance from not very busy road Pomary — Zvenigovo to the settlement — 1 km on the dirt road. In the winter we clean the road using tractor. It can be difficult passing cars for two weeks in spring and autumn in Rasputitsa (season when travel on unpaved roads becomes difficult, owing to muddy conditions, either from autumnal rains or spring thaw.) In the nearest plans of development — improvement of our roads.

We will be happy to welcome new neighbors!