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Tatiana Ibatullina. Festive and Educational Programs in Chik-Elga.


We hold open events for all interested families in our Chik-Elga family homestead settlement a few times a year. We develop event-related and ecotourism, so to speak. The initiators and leading are a few of year-round living in the settlement families. To my delight and pride, I’m a member of this friendly team.

Holiday programs: we organize a festive meal in the fresh air, sing songs, dance in a ring,

hold a fun team building and folk games, valiant entertainments, fair of the production of our settler masters, plant trees, conduct a tour of the settlement.

We organize educational events in the framework of the rural family schools project — “Barefoot on stars” This is the idea of the school, where parents and children learn together, meeting several times a year on the basis of family homestead settlement. I can talk about school for a long time. This is a young, but very exciting, non-profit project, was initiated by two families from Chik-Elga six years ago. I highly recommend to get acquainted with this project all active, sensible, creative and diligent parents.

Only families with children (from 4 years old) are invited to attend educational events. To everything that happens on holidays here is added: more business atmosphere, a clear timetable, a variety of workshops for adults and children, round tables, sport contest, creative evening, bath on the river banks, duty on the farm and in the kitchen.

3 events took place in Chik-Elga this summer:

  1. June 17, Family Day. Festival was attended by 15 adults and 19 children. In the program: team building and folk games, festive meal.
  2. 7-9 July, Seminar by Arina Medvedeva: “Concord: tradition of harmonious relations and upbringing in the family.” Seminar was attended by 24 adults and 15 children. The story about the seminar will be in the next post.
  3. July 23, “Earth Day” — national holiday. This is “corporate” celebration of all the family homestead settlement creators. This is the double event for our family — the birthday of our twins (the youngest son and daughter Ural and Lada). On this day people treat each other ripened gifts of the Earth. They glorify and thank the Earth. Holiday was attended by 28 adults and 22 children.


Among the qualitative indicators of the events: new knowledge, abilities and skills of the participants, a lot of new friends, great outdoors family leisure in a sober positive company. Participants noted a beneficial psychological influence of dances and folk games; health improvement, surge of energy due to staying in the fresh air; pleasant atmosphere of our events, on which hearts are opening up, good jokes and laughter sound at ease. For guests of the settlement such events are the opportunity to see themselves and to show their children a new cultural, social and economic life in a warm community in harmony with nature.