Family Homestead Settlement

Svetlana Dugnist. A trip to Community of Family Homestead Settlement — Rodnoe, Mirnoe, Ladnoe, Chudnoe, Zavetnoe, Solnechnoe


My dream had finally come true this summer — I come to visit my brother Nikolay in the Mirnoe family homestead settlement, Vladimir oblast. This settlement already exists for 8 years. And, of course, it was very interesting to see what people managed to make during this time.

Rodnoe family homestead settlement already exists for about 15 years — there are houses, hedges, ponds, pictures of the inner landscape of the homesteads have emerged.

It was like a journey to Dream in order to see and feel in reality what is written in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megre.

To say I like it is to say nothing.

This is very similar to the sensations described in the first book by Vladimir Megre “Anastasia”, Chapter “Touching Paradise”.

— Huge trees are in hedges along the roads.

— There is a small spring water lake on each plot.

— Living lakes: fish, frogs, plants, insects — they form self-sufficient ecosystem. Such ecosystem is formed for the third year after digging of the pit. Special care is not required. However, inhabitants remove the extra plants along the coast every season.

— Friendly, gracious people live here. They say hello to everyone, no matter are they familiar or not. They talk about happiness, about important. The neighbors know everything about each other. Life inside the settlements is full of interesting events and discoveries.

— People in settlement have very different interests: Hare Krishna worshippers, Christians, Yogi etc. There are those who do not read books about Anastasia. However, this does not prevent them to solve common issues, to help each other in problem solving, to communicate and to enjoy life.

— The roads are paved with gravel, they are in perfect condition.


The creation of family homestead settlement is a hard work and creativity, heroism and joy and it’s a completely different, new way of life, a different philosophy. Probably, it is impossible to explain all this to the city residents in words. They need to see this with their own eyes, to feel.

Of course, there are difficulties, but we all have them.

One settler’s house was burnt out in about 15 minutes. He didn’t have an apartment in the city. What to do? Anyone in his place would have fallen into despair. However, he is full of plans and wants to restore the house. Neighbours raised money for him, he has a place to sleep, no one was hurt. Solution to the problem is a matter of time.

Each homestead has its own history. They are all different, like people. Of course, there are some mistakes but “The only man who makes no mistake is the man who does nothing.”

But the important things were voiced by Anastasia. They materialize, acquire visible features, lead people into a lucky eternity.

Rodnoe family homestead settlement is one of the first in Russia. Looking at videotapes from Rodnoe, were inspired and strengthened others. Now there is a whole Community of Family Homestead Settlement, located on the neighboring glades.

Entrepreneurs organized public cultural center “Dobraya Zemlia” on 4 hectares of land. There is very rich, can say, stormy public life: seminars, concerts, trainings, hobby groups, camps, dances, holidays. There are also ballroom dancing, crafts, educational classes for children and even a choir. There is a kindergarten. Here is an opportunity to take a large number of guests and to organize various events.

Community of Family Homestead Settlement in Vladimir oblast is constantly growing. They are one of the first in Russia, the pioneers. A long time ago regarding the first family homestead settlements came the image of the stone thrown in the water… Stone is small, but the circle can diverge at a distance. Information vibrates and spreads from that point. And this process is endless, it will never stop…

Water stores information.

We already know that…

People themselves do Good on Earth. Good carries smell of spring gardens, happy children laughing, melodious songs of family homestead creators.