Cedar & Honey Bar “Good Mood”  Buy Online — MegreLLCCedar & Honey Bar “Good Mood”  Buy Online — MegreLLC
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Cedar & Honey Bar “Good Mood” 


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“Good Mood” 

“Good Mood” Cedar & Honey Bar is a real gift for every sweet tooth. Carob, which is part of the bar, is a unique eco-friendly product. Having a mild chocolate taste, it contains a minimal amount of calories, and thus is really a healthy chocolate substitute.

It is proved that carob helps the body develop the “happy hormone” serotonin, which has positive effects on our mood.

Honey, cedar nuts and oil cake in combination with carob will guarantee not only great taste, but also a wonderful mood!

Ingredients: puffed rice, oat bran, cedar cake, carob, honey, molasses, vitamin E, B-carotene.

Weight: 30 g

Shelf life: 10 months.

Nutritional value per 100 g: protein: 12.8 g, fat: 23.2 g, carbohydrates 45,4 g

Energy value per 100 g: 443 kcal (kJ 1854.75)

Additional information
Weight0.040 kg
Dimensions14 x 3.5 x 1 cm

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