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Polina’s Birthday Sale Celebration


100ml Cedar Oil with Cedar Pendant is on sale for 20% off!

In honour of our dear Polina Megre, we are holding a sale from today until her birthday on the 8th July. Cedar Oil & Cedar Pendant is one of our most favoured products, both having been mentioned in the Ringing Cedars Series and always sought after by our dear readers.

How to use these special items?

🌲 Take a tbs of Cedar Oil on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating or add a drop to your spring water to imbue it with natural energy from the Taiga. This oil is created using methods our ancestors used, without using heat or force to process the nuts. You can taste the essence of the cedar in this oil, it has a flavour like no other.

🌲 For your cedar pendant, we take the words straight from the Ringing Cedars books themselves:

“The old man said this was a special cedar. The piece of it had to be worn on the chest, on a string. Moreover, you had to put it on while standing barefoot in the grass and with your left hand pressed to your bared chest. A minute later you would feel a pleasant warmth emanating from the cedar, and then a light shudder would pass through your body. From time to time, when the desire arose, you would need to use your fingertips to polish the side of the piece of cedar that did not touch the body, holding it with your thumbs on the other side. The old man confidently asserted that three months later the person possessing the piece of ringing cedar would feel a significant improvement in his well-being and would be healed of many diseases.” – from Anastasia by Vladimir Megre


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