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Planting Guide from Ringing Cedars of Russia

Spring has sprung and it is the perfect time to start preparing our seed planting for the coming season. Of course, we always encourage planting according to the advise of Anastasia – so we have prepared a short guide for you from her advice to keep handy when you are ready to start planting your seeds. This method does not need to be used to plant every single plant in the garden – only a few are necessary.

Planting seed instructions (from ‘Anastasia’ by Vladimir Megre)

  1. Before planting, take one or several small seeds in your mouth and hold them under your tongue for at least 9 minutes
  2. Then put them between your palms – you must be standing barefoot on the plot of land where you will later plant
  3. Open your palms, carefully lift the seed that lies in your hand toward your mouth , and blow air from your lungs on the seed. You warm it with your breath, and the tiny little seed gets to know what is inside you.
  4. After that, hold your palms open for thirty seconds, presenting the seed to the heavenly bodies. The seed will determine the instant of its ascent. All the planets will help it! And for you they will bestow on the shoots the light they need.
  5. Then you can plant the seed in the earth. In no case should you water immediately or you will wash your saliva and information off the whole seed, and the seed needs to take that in.
  6. Three days after planting, you may water.
  7. The planting must be done on each vegetables favourable days (according to the lunar calendar). Planting early without watering is not as terrible as planting late.

Further planting instructions from Anastasia

  • You shouldn’t remove all the weeds next to the shoot coming from your seed. You have to have at least one of each kind – you shouldn’t remove all the weeds because they have their own purpose, some protect the plants from disease; others provide additional information.
  • During its growth, you must communicate with the plant – at least once during its growing period, preferably on the full moon, go up to it and touch it.

“Anastasia said that fruits grown from a seed in this way and used by the person who grew them are capable of curing him of absolutely any disease of the flesh…” – Vladimir Megre

  • The above actions must be done with the various types of crops planted in the garden – you do not have to sow the entire plot of cucumbers, tomatoes and so on in this way. A few plants are sufficient.
  • When planting seedlings in a scooped out indentation, you absolutely must work the earth with your own hands and bare toes and spit in the indentation.

“Anastasia advised walking through the garden barefoot from time to time.”

What crops should be cultivated?

The variety in both gardens is sufficient: raspberries, currants, gooseberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and any apple. It’s very good to have sweet or sour cherries and flowers. The number and plot size of these crops doesn’t matter.

The essential ones without which its hard to offer a full-energy micro-climate in a garden include plants like sunflowers (at least one).

It is absolutely essential that you sow an area of one and a half to two square metres in grains – rye and wheat – and leave an island of at least two square metres for miscellaneous herbs. This island cannot be sown artificially; it has to be natural. If you don’t have herbs preserved in your garden, you have to bring in sod from the forest to create that island.


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