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Cedar Oil for Reflux Gastritis

For many years now – we have been lucky to have the advice and consultation of the nutritionist Elena Garagulya. This ensures that safe and relevant recommendations are taken from a trusted source. This week we share advice on the topic of reflux gastritis – a common health issue that many suffer from. The question that was posed to Elena was about how one can use cedar oil.

How to take cedar oil for Reflux Gastritis – Our nutritionist Elena Garagulya answers questions regarding this topic.

Question: With reflux gastritis, is it better to drink cedar oil after meals or before? When it is enriched with resin, with sea buckthorn or the elixir itself, do you take it before or after a meal?

Answer: With reflux gastritis, the sphincters of the stomach do not close completely and bile may enter the stomach, so cedar nut oil should be taken before meals, and not after meals. Cedar oil with sea buckthorn is more suitable for starting treatment, which is doubly enriched with vitamins A and carotene, which is necessary for the regeneration of cells of the mucous membranes of the pylorus.

It is better to take it 3 to 5 minutes before meals, one teaspoon three times a day. After completing one course with one bottle, you can then begin a course with a 250 ml bottle of cedar oil with 10% resin, also 1 tsp before meals 3 times a day. Megre Elixir can be taken before meals, immediately after taking cedar oil – one push or one capsule before meals twice a day.

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